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Nighttime and Lifestyle Habits to Reduce Your Snoring

Snoring is an incredibly common condition that many sleepers face. Noisy breathing during sleep isn’t exactly a life-threatening problem and most people don’t normally have to go to the doctor to have it treated. But if you feel that it is interfering with the quality of your sleep and that it can pose other medical problems for you in the future, you may want to consider going to an ear, nose, and throat (or ENT) clinic in Singapore.

Habits that can reduce snoring

Snoring is more common in men and can worsen with age. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a permanent occurrence in your sleep. Oftentimes, changing your sleep habits can drastically reduce your chances of snoring and may avoid a visit to an ENT specialist in Singapore. Here are some nighttime or lifestyle habits that you should try out first.

  1. Changing your sleeping position. Even something as simple as lying on your side can help with your breathing during sleep. And did you know that keeping your head slightly more elevated can also ease your breathing? Purchase sleeping implements that can assist you with your change.
  1. Losing some weight. Do you know that being overweight can increase the chances of noisy snores? An ENT specialist may recommend some dietary changes or other ways to help you lose weight as part of your snoring treatment in Singapore. Losing even a bit of weight can help ease the pressure on your throat and reduce snoring entirely.
  1. Clear stuffy noses. Going to bed with a stuffy or clogged throat may be the reason why you are snoring at night. Make sure your sinuses are clear before heading to bed.

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