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No Doubt Sulthan Telugu Movie Is A Blockbuster Hit

The South-Indian regional film industry is known for proving that regional films can be much more than indie films with subtle topics, very different from mainstream cinema. For years, the industry is known for delivering vibrant and vivid films that have etched a honorary mark in Indian cinema.

As the pandemic deprived us of watching films in theatres, the industry has, with its strong dedication and teamwork have rolled out many films from last year. With several new releases on streaming platforms this year and the last, ranging from movies to web series and shows, streaming content became our daily mantra for our regular dose of entertainment in the period of lockdowns.

One such OTT Platform includes a heavy list of Telugu movies ranging from classics to more modern films, web series, and your favorite Telugu shows, AHA.

AHA has recently added the hit Tamil film Sulthan and to You can watch moviesonline; you can check the streaming platform out.


If you love action films, then the Telugu industry surely does it like no other. With a huge scale budget and performative action scenes and cinematography, it knows how to engage its audience and leave them appalled, wanting for more. If you wish to enjoy a new action film, you can watch the ‘Sulthan’ movie online, a new addition to the action movie genre from the industry.

A Tamil film that is written and directed by BakkiyarajKanna and released to the audience on the 2bd of April, Sulthan is an action-packed thriller film that tells the story of one man and his compassion to do good for his loved ones. Starring Karthi and RashmikaMandanna in the leads and a star-studded supporting cast including Napoleon, Lal, Yogi Babu, and Ramachandra Raju.

The film tells Vikram, a child of a criminal who throughout his life was raised by his father’s loyal goons after the death of his mother. Warmed up to them from a young age, Vikram finds home in his family of 100 brothers he wants to change to live as good citizens, away from their deadly shenanigans.

With the police force being determined to eradicate Chennai from any crime and goons, Vikram gets an opportunity to marry the daughter of a village head. He plots a way to secure the life of his brothers through the marriage ceremony. Little does he know that Otta Lorry traps him into his doom and falsely frames a marriage proposal. How Vikram saves his brothers and proves that his brothers have a good heart and can change to fit into society’s standards of a good citizen forms the rest of the plot.

The film mixes a blend of action, romance, and compassion sewed together in an engaging plot that won’t fail to keep you hooked; Sulthan emerges as a solid, packed entertainer, thus setting a benchmark for what the audience will expect from the industry this year.Head over to AHA and check out their subscription plans to watch Sulthan movie online and fill your weekend with action and entertainment.