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Online Casinos Reveal their Most Profitable Games

In many of the online casinos the stats are always kept secret, but in a series of research investigations some online casinos have been willing to relay some valuable information

Most of the information gained pointed towards a vast range of games being played at several different online casinos

‘Online Blackjack tables are some of the most profitable to play’

Microgaming and Net Entertainment are the market leaders when it comes to releasing online Blackjack tables both on their virtual casinos and live dealer suites. The name that kept ringing out the most was that of Multi-Hand Premier Blackjack Gold. Others included the well-known and very popular series of Vegas Strip Blackjack games that are said to offer a staggering 99% to 100% payback with the house edge just 1% in most cases. Spanish 21 Blackjack also makes its way into the 1% house edge category. 

‘Video Poker remarkably gets the thumbs up, which came as an unexpected surprise’

After delving into the odds, some of the virtual poker games actually come attached with only a 1% chance of losing. Players have been getting better and better at the video poker game strategy, which comes from what is known as 5-Card Single Draw poker. A game played in the Wild West of the US before Omaha and Texas Hold’em were around. 

We picked out two main video poker games that have been paying out with 99% to 100% odds on these games. Double Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild. Double Bonus Poker give players a chance to double up on their wins with better than a 50/50 chance of being successful. Deuces Wild gives players more chances to form a winning hand because 4 cards in the deck are wildcards. 

‘Baccarat on both the virtual and live tables come with around a 2% house edge’

Baccarat is one Asia’s most played casino card games. The odds of the banker or the player winning are virtually the same, and players can bet on either spot to win. This begs the question then why is there a 2% difference? This is actually because there is a chance that there could be a tie. Ties can happen roughly once every 12 deals on average, but the pay-back odds are in fact 8-1 on this bet, so somewhere in the middle lays the 2% house edge.

‘French Roulette gets the final vote for having some of the highest payback odds from all the table games found in the online casinos’

You would most definitely need an optimal strategy to make sure that you get the right odds here. Roulette is not one of those games you should go gun hoe at without a strategy. Should you just happen to dive in there for the hell of it, then the 2% house odds will of course increase more in favour of the house. As French Roulette only has 1 zero spot rather than the Americans style that has 2 zeros, and has section bets, French Roulette improves player odds.