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Pet-Friendly Hotels: Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Pittsfield is a large city in Berkshire County, and it experiences frigid weather in winter. People visit the ski resorts around the place every year in the snowy season. Meanwhile, nearly ninety million families in the United States own a pet. And when pet owners need to travel, they get anxious and guilty about leaving their pets behind. The pets also become sad to see their owners go away without taking them. But, many hotels are pet friendly in Pittsfield, MA, which relieves the anxiety of pet owners and pets traveling to the place for a vacation, business trip, or a simple getaway.

Dogs are social animals and experience separation anxiety when people leave them at home and go on a vacation. But pet-friendly hotels allow people to travel with their pets and make them feel comfortable.

What Is a Pet-Friendly Hotel?

A pet-friendly hotel is where pet owners can stay with their pets. Meanwhile, some pet-friendly hotels allow only dogs and cats. The hotel offers amenities like water bowls, outdoor play areas, dog runs, and doggie cuisine for dogs. Hotels may charge a pet fee for the pets, but many allow pets to stay for free.

In the meantime, even if it is a pet-friendly hotel, pet owners must mention that they need a pet-friendly room while booking. Pets may not be allowed in all rooms and permitted only in designated pet-friendly rooms.

Tips for Choosing a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pet owners should find out whether the hotel has a pet fee. And pet fees charged by the hotel are based on per night, per dog, or stay duration. They should make a reservation for a pet-friendly room because hotels may have only a few rooms to accommodate pets.

Also, find answers to the questions like:

Do the hotels have facilities to treat the pet in unexpected accidents?

Can people leave the dog alone in the room? People may need to step out to run errands or have food in a restaurant.

Does the hotel have off-limit areas for pets? Hotels may not allow pets near swimming pools, fitness rooms, and restaurants.

What amenities are provided for the pets? It should have basic amenities like pet beds, bowls, a convenient relief area, a pet food menu, and pet sitting services.

Does the hotel have a weight or breed restriction? Most hotels set a weight limit to eliminate bigger breeds.

How to Ensure a Safe Trip With a Pet

Before starting a trip, it is good to get things ready to ensure a safe journey, like:

  • Pet documents like papers, doggie books, and ID tags with the pet’s name and contact address must be carried by the owners.
  • Pet owners must pack pet food, water tray, leash, litter box, and bedding.
  • It is better to carry the pet’s medical history book, first aid kit, and a small bag of medicines.
  • Carrying a pet crate will be helpful when the pet is left alone on its own in the hotel.

Pet-friendly hotels accommodate pets only if they are vaccinated, trained, and free of fleas. Also, even if the hotel has amenities to keep the pet comfortable, some pets feel more at home when eating from the same bowl and sleeping on their bed. Staying in a new location can make the pet feel very uncomfortable, especially for the first time. So, it is better to take their favorite things to make them feel more comfortable in a hotel room.

Many hotels are pet friendly in Pittsfield, MA, and it encourages pet owners to travel with their pets. Meanwhile, dogs get distressed when they are left alone. And pet hotels help dog owners make their pets feel happy, safe, and loved even when they travel with their owners.