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Pet Wellness: How to Keep Your Furry Friends Happy and Healthy

Pets are precious beings that bring happiness to a person’s life. They are the ones who will welcome you with open arms after coming home from work. They will not judge the physical appearance of their owners, regardless if you’re thin, short, chubby, or someone in between. All they know is to give love and to make you happy. Animals, after all, are the purest creatures on earth. They are innocent and deserve all the love they need by providing them with pet wellness products.

One famous story of Hachiko, who waited for his owner named Hidesaburō Ueno for almost nine years! Unfortunately, Ueno died while working, leaving Hachiko waiting. As a loyal dog, he always returned to Shibuya Station, hoping to meet his owner again. Your pets are also reliable, like Hachiko. And they all deserve to be treated with respect and love. Be more compassionate, and here’s how you can maintain your pets’ health.

How to Maintain Your Pet’s Health

Pets have a short lifespan compared to humans. And most likely, you’ll outlive most of your pets in your lifetime. It’s heartbreaking to see your loving pets say their final goodbyes and move forward with their journey. As hurtful as it is, this is part of life. However, instead of focusing on this, why not focus on the present moment. The important thing is that your pet is healthy and still breathing. Although life is impermanent, you can do your best to make it memorable. The first step is to know how to maintain your pet’s health with pet wellness products. Here’s how.

1) Maintain a Moderate Weight

Yes, chubby kittens, puppies, or even rabbits are cute and squishy. However, it’s unhealthy and may affect their overall health as they grow older. You can’t give them food all the time, even if they’re begging you while you’re eating at the dining table. As much as possible, only feed them once or twice a day, depending on their veterinarian’s advice. Better yet, you can visit a vet clinic to buy the food appropriate for their size and breed. You can also check some pet wellness products to keep them healthy and fit.

On the other hand, you should not allow your pets to go overly skinny. It may indicate that they have sickness and need medical attention. Nonetheless, make sure to keep a moderate weight for better health.




2) Pets Also Need Exercise

Like humans, pets also need exercise routines to keep their bodies healthy. Not only that but keeping them active is also suitable for their behaviour and emotional growth. If you’re living in a condo, you can walk with your pet in the park or find a space where you can jog with your dog. Cats may have a different approach to exercise, so better ask your veterinarian about the appropriate activities.

Older pets also need some exercise but give them gentle activities because it can affect their joints. Apart from exercising, you can also provide them with a pet immune booster so they can keep their energy level high and protect themselves from external contaminants.



3) Vaccinate Your Pets

Pets are also at risk from deadly diseases like distemper, parvo, and rabies. Puppies and kittens are much more at risk because they are still vulnerable to external parasites and viruses. And so, you need to look for a vet clinic that will give your pets vaccine shots, even if they’re scared of sharp objects. It’s necessary because they have to be immune from these diseases. Otherwise, you will regret seeing your pets suffer. It’s the hard truth because you need to invest in your pet’s health rather than cry seeing them getting sick.



4) Give Your Pets Regular Baths

Some pets hate water and will try to hide under the tables to avoid getting into the baths. However, if you don’t clean them, they will attract more pests like fleas, ticks and bed bugs. To encourage them, you can gently coax them into the bathroom and make them feel it’s okay. Avoid forcing them or shouting as they can feel more nervous. Plus, use appropriate pet wellness products so they can feel relaxed during the bathing period.

After drying them, you can also use moisturizer for dog coats to have healthy and shiny fur. Make sure not to spray into their eyes as it can damage their vision. Be gentle and patient because some pets are not comfortable with grooming. If you don’t have time, you can go to a pet grooming salon where you can get professional services.



5) Play and Give them Attention

Pets are also emotional because they are like humans needing attention and love. Their bonding language is playing with them, like catching the ball or cuddling while sleeping. Despite your busy schedule, you still need to make time with your pets. As much as possible, avoid neglecting them because it will affect them mentally and emotionally. You can also bond by giving them pet wellness products that improve their overall well-being.

If you have senior pets, bonding with them might be different. Since they can’t move around, you can bond with them by giving them medical attention. If, for instance, your dog has an eye problem, you can providelanosterol eye drops for cataracts to show that you still love and care for your pet.



6) Provide a Balanced Diet

Pets love to eat! Most dogs will beg when they see you eat food. Although they will have puppy eyes, they don’t fall for it. Pets have no control over their diet, so as an owner, give them food that will be appropriate for their overall health. You can also look for pet wellness products that may benefit their diet. Before they beg for you, be firm and don’t feed them anything you see on the table. Remember that some foods are dangerous for pets, like alcoholic beverages, coffee, candy, avocados, etc.



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