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Currently functioning in over 150 countries today, Pirelli proves to be one of the biggest tire dealers in the world today.

They are known for their strong pedigree in production of basic sporting franchises and equipments. the company have been able to achieve partnership with Formula 1, and other world championships. They specialize in all fronts such   as renewable energy and raw substances of both industrial and regular tire manufacturing for car, motorcycles, bicycles and other larger automobiles.

Pirelli focuses solely on consumer satisfaction, trust and interaction which makes their market conditions conducive and offering the best quality tires for their wide range of costumer population across the continent and beyond.

Maximum luxury, comfort and safety is what Pirelli offers and the taste of drivers is been put into consideration. The innovations, marketing strategy, and ideas of the company and has therefore, come to shake up quality standard the tire market.

Pirelli tires has had affair share of Motorsport victories by being able to withstand any terrains and ensure durability. Coming down in accessibility products for both racing and luxurious car brands, they are costumer’s first choice as they have been able to take modern driving experience entirely to another level.

From smoother movement, faster speed, and reduced noise, Pirelli brands puts environmental conditions into consideration by maximizing their efforts in renewing their technological ideas in creating new features and designs to accommodate sound ecological impact on the tracks.

Due to the dry and arid weather conditions in Dubai, Pirelli tires for sale at Dubaityreshop are the best choice which is capable of withstanding such weather. So it is much more advisable to buy tyres in Dubai to ensure its worth every penny.


Pirelli PZero Nero – these tires are entirely built for a ultra high performance experience for speed racing vehicles. e.g (P1 Verde, P7, P7 M0, P Zero MO, P Zero, MO, N2, Nero A/S, AO, NI, PZ4, AO, MGT, AMS, BL, NO,  P Zero PZ4 NI, P Zero J, FO1, P Zero J- LR, F, PZ4 RO1, PZ4 MOE, B)

Cinturato – these tires are built mainly for high end luxury cars. They are also designed to achieve the maximum comfort and safety needed for a quiet driving experience.

 Winter – the winter tires are seamlessly designed for lower temperature weather conditions like snow and icy terrains which are also produced to help in the grit and power needed for sharper turns in slippery tracks.

Scorpion – these varieties are built for SUV and Cross-over vehicles such as medium and heavy duty trucks. Example of the Scorpion brands are; Scorpion Verde, Scorpion MO, AO, LR, NO, NCS, STR, PZ4 & Rosso.


Diablo – possesses a larger size with a stronger rubber fitting. Diablo Pirelli products are carefully designed to also withstand for SUV and trucks.

Scorpion – possesses a more complex treading design and a more rigid outlook. They are built for both contemporary road and off-road terrains and they made for harsher weather conditions.


The PZero Velo  are mainly built for road sport and high performance driving while the Cycle C varieties  are designed strictly for urban purposes.