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Poker, a sport in its own right for You Now!

As with sport, poker has enjoyed increasing media coverage, thanks in particular to the start of television broadcasts (WPT) and the victory in 2003 of an amateur player from the Internet.It must be said that poker is a competitive game, very fun, and which can be spectacular when it is well presented.

Moreover, many players and enthusiasts took an interest in it after discovering it on television. Which maybe you?

Since the beginning of televised qq online poker, live poker and online poker have in any case maintained a good mutual relationship, each industry allowing the other to benefit from the arrival of new players. By developing, the “online” industry will thus have fueled interest in the WSOP, WPT and EPT, particularly because of the possibilities of qualifying online.

What is less known is that poker was a declining game in casinos a few years ago. Many establishments had indeed started to close their poker rooms because its operation was too expensive, and it diverted visitors from other casino games.

But online poker and televised poker have therefore changed the game, and poker rooms and tables have experienced a new renaissance in casinos.

Online Poker: A Young History

The history of situs judi online poker is relatively young: it begins in 1998, with the launch of Planet Poker and a few “follower” sites. The largest poker room at the time was called Paradise Poker, which at one point held 80% of the market.

However, the market was still quite small, and most players already had a background in gaming or poker. The great growth actually started in 2002, with the first televised WPT tournaments and the appearance of innovative rooms in the market, such as partypoker (incidentally linked to the World Poker Tour).

The originator of the online poker boom

This was when online poker took off. In 2003 alone, the number of players and poker rooms increased by around 500%. In 2004, online poker sales reached over $ 1 billion.The online poker business is very profitable for the leading players in the market, although the market has seen many small rooms closed and sometimes bought out by the larger ones. In France, the legalization of the market has also greatly changed the situation once again. And unfortunately, all the operators who will have started at this time are far from having all survived.

One of the good news, however, is that the few questionable poker rooms from the early days are now gone, and the offer has never been safer and safer for players.

Competition remains, however, and some of the best poker rooms continue to spend accordingly on their advertisements, bonuses, promotions, and other perks to attract players, which is actually great news for the latter, i.e. you.


One of the other attractions of poker that makes it successful is that luck is a big factor, with each player being able to beat any other player in the world in a short period of time (unlike any other player in the world). But a lot of players are also disappointed because they only think in the short term, as we pointed out earlier.