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Pregnancy and Oral Care: Ensuring a Healthy Smile for You and Your Baby

Almost fifty percent of expectant mothers experience red, swollen, tender gums that often bleed when brushed or flossed. Oral care assumes a lot of importance during pregnancy. Taking care of your mouth while pregnant is important for you and your baby. The progesterone and estrogen in the body can make you susceptible to oral infections that require prompt attention. Therefore, every pregnant woman needs to follow a healthy oral care routine to improve their dental health and prevent any adverse effects on their growing baby. 

The Whitby dentist and their expert team offer comprehensive oral care for pregnant women to help them sail through their journey smoothly. This informative blog will highlight key tips for optimal oral health during pregnancy. 

Essential Oral Care Tips During Pregnancy

Oral problems like gum disease, or toothache during pregnancy can be daunting! Having a baby grow inside your womb can make you anxious to seek dental care. But you must not ignore your oral health. Follow the below-mentioned oral care tips to help you reduce toothache and sail through your pregnancy journey easily. 

Visit The Dentist 

  • Do not use any self-medication like painkillers for toothache. Consult your dentist right away for further course of action. Many women think visiting a dentist can harm their baby! But this is not the case. Ignoring oral problems can result in infections that can potentially affect the baby indirectly.

Follow a Proper Brushing technique

  • Ensure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth twice daily. Remember to floss your teeth to keep the interdental areas free from plaque as well.

Eat Right

  • Ensure to cut back on sugary foods and drinks to prevent plaque accumulation. Eat a healthy well-balanced diet with all the essential nutrients needed for healthy teeth. 

Take Your Prenatals Regularly

  • Calcium is important for healthy teeth as well as your baby’s development. Daily consumption of prenatal is important to keep dental problems at bay during pregnancy.

Do Not Avoid X-rays If Necessary

  • Your dentist may suggest X-rays only if deemed necessary by taking all the necessary precautions like using lead aprons. Low-dose X-rays will not harm your growing baby. 

Dental problems like tooth decay, toothache, and gum disease can aggravate during pregnancy. Therefore it is essential to follow oral care tips in the form of regular brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing, for the welfare of yourself and the growing baby. Regular dental visits even during pregnancy are crucial to help keep your oral health up-to-date. Because you and your baby deserve a lot of love, care, and nurturing!!