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Preparing For Yoga Teacher Training? Here’s How

Are you interested in practising yoga? As yoga spreads around the globe, more and more people are considering careers as yoga instructors.

The courage to sign up for yoga teacher training can be an exciting experience. When you enter the yoga studio for the first time, you’d like to present your most polished self, but you’re not sure what to anticipate.

If you have started looking into yoga certification courses, you have probably noticed the vast variety of approaches, institutions, and curriculums available. Spending time and money on a yoga teacher training programme is a significant commitment.

How To Prepare For Your Yoga Teacher Training

1. Look into the yoga books

The true meaning of yoga goes far beyond learning the poses. If you work with a Chinese yoga instructor, you must read many yoga books to grasp its development fully.

Avoid teaching a technique you are unfamiliar with or being unprepared to address a student’s queries regarding the technique. Therefore, to become a yoga teacher, you must familiarise yourself with the tradition’s rich history.

2. Determine your goal

When you are in a yoga instructor course, ensure an objective, like at the start of a new lesson. Remember your motivations for doing yoga and possibly becoming a yoga teacher. This goal is helpful to remember when things get challenging or stressful.

Although this might change in the future, it’s better to have a clear goal while starting.

3. Accept your limitations

You might feel overwhelmed by certain phrases, body language, topics, or even entire days. If you don’t understand something during Chinese yoga for beginners, ask your instructors, mentors, or fellow students for clarification.

If you have the time before you schedule yoga teacher training, it’s also ideal to watch a few videos or read some facts that can help you understand a few basic things.

4. Prepare based on your format

Many yoga schools that cater to teachers offer intense yoga certification courses. That means you can finish the course in as little as two weeks or as long as 12 months. There is a significant benefit to this approach, depending on your commitments.

Yoga teacher training often runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, allowing participants to keep their current jobs while fully immersing themselves in the programme. The typical duration of one of these programmes is a week or several months.

5. Determine your priorities with yourself

A wide range of motivations brings people to yoga certification courses. For some, the goal is to become certified; for others, it’s more about expanding their knowledge.

Whatever your motivation, realise that training is difficult if your heart and mind are not fully into it. If you’re struggling to stay motivated during your training, remind yourself of what inspired you to start.

6. Be realistic

To pursue yoga teacher training solely for the financial benefits would be a mistake. Becoming a yoga instructor requires persistence, desire, hard effort, and dedication.

You cannot complete the requirements to become a yoga teacher if you leave the programme in the middle of your training. That’s why it’s important to set reasonable goals before beginning a yoga teacher training programme.

7. Learn about your instructors

Verify the expertise of your main professors. If you have a Chinese yoga instructor, it’s best to ask them about their field and what more you can learn from them.

Meeting other previous students is also ideal. Conversing about their experiences can help you prepare beforehand for what to expect.

8. Get in shape

To succeed in the yoga instructor course, you should get in shape before enrolling in the real training course. It takes a lot of dedication and stamina to complete most yoga teacher training. Becoming a certified yoga instructor might be challenging for those who aren’t fully invested in the field.

It’s important to remember that it’s one thing to have the desire to teach and quite another to complete the necessary training and become certified.

9. Find the style that best suits you

It’s best to practice the yoga style to find the one that works best for you. As you’ll be doing it every day or weekly, it’s important to pick a method you enjoy.

10. Stay focused and avoid diversions

There’s no use in showing up to class if you’re not going to give it your whole attention. To truly benefit from your yoga teacher training, you need to learn to quiet your mind and focus on what the teacher is saying.

11. Practice self-care

A yoga instructor course includes both physical exercise and long periods of sitting. Use caution and kindness as you move your body from a seated position into a posture. You should pay attention to your senses. Remember that you are just starting and need to learn everything from scratch.

Knowing how the body and breath work is crucial when instructing others in these areas. Be sure you’re working with teachers helping their students as more and more professionals gain the credentials to teach them.

Why Yoga Teacher Training Preparations Are Necessary


To become a qualified yoga instructor, you must first put your body through rigorous training that will push it to its physical and mental limitations.

Most yoga certification courses need three to four hours of practice per day, seven days per week. A physical body that can make things easier is only a small part.

Yoga philosophy, doshas, kriyas, chakras, teaching methods, meditation and countless other ideas can all be covered in depth over a few months or weeks.

Starting your yoga teacher training should be a breeze if you do your homework. Being well-prepared also lessens the stress and restlessness you might otherwise experience whenever you consider the course material or your instructor’s methods.

Practising yoga helps you establish a rapport with your authentic selves and hone in on the desires of your souls.

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