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Restaurant Billing Software: Top features

Gone are those days when restaurants used to rely on legacy billing machines. Delays in billing, long queues, and excessive dependency on manual efforts are all things of the past. With the help of restaurant POS software, now you can perform billing and a whole lot of other functions.

Top features of restaurant billing software


Accepts multiple modes of payments – The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to the boom in digital payments. The hygiene conscious restaurant customer prefer contactless payments over cash. As per the report by Credit Suisse, digital payments in India will rise fivefold to reach $1 trillion by 2023, led by the growth in mobile payments. The beauty of digital, restaurant POS software such as inresto POS is that it accepts multiple modes of payments such as cash, debit/ credit card and E-wallets.

Integrate orders from various platforms – Due to safety concerns, a huge chunk of the restaurant customers order food online. Thus, third party food aggregator platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato have become quite popular among food lovers. With the POS software, now you can seamlessly process orders from multiple platforms such as third party aggregators, websites and apps. 

Efficient inventory management – Overstocking of raw materials will burn a hole in your pocket. Neither can you afford to understock as it may stop you from meeting the requests of diners. The POS platform help you maintain the optimum level of inventory. Track your inventory real-time and get alerts on the stock levels at the various outlets. Whenever it’s time to order the fresh stock of inventory, the system will alert you.

Get valuable insights – Insights on customer preferences such as the fast moving and slow moving dishes at your restaurant, peak timings etc. will help plan your activities accordingly. Develop a customise loyalty program with the help of these smart insights. The program can be based on the amount spend at your restaurant or the number of visits. Generate reports and find out the sales figures for a particular period, the source of revenue from each payment platform etc. 

Parting Words

With the rise in competition, restaurants are resorting to technology than ever before.  Unlike the legacy restaurant billing software, the modern day restaurant POS platforms help manage multiple functions. As mentioned earlier, the smart insights and intelligent reporting help you devise new strategies and tide over the crisis caused by Covid-19.