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  Rumours And Gossip During A Divorce: 5 Ways To Prevent Them

Nothing good ever comes with rumours and gossip. You probably have heard of a famous woman getting the vitriol for supposedly sleeping with a married man and carrying his baby. However, the actual story is that they are already living together legally, and the man already took care of his uncontested divorce case in Singapore even before conceiving the child. Another typical trope would be conflated stories of court hearings, legal proceedings and family drama. Imagine reading exaggerated news on someone that does not have any truth whatsoever. In short, these things pain people negatively, and you must avoid them at all costs.


Think about it. What would you do if someone, for example, a tabloid or news company, painted you as the crazy and psychotic spouse without knowing the real story? Of course, you will feel mental health issues or anything that affects you negatively because, in Singapore, the divorce proces srevolves around legal proceedings that protect the interests and fairness of both parties. Experiencing these unwarranted dramas worsens the already distressing situation.



No mandate or law indicates that rumours and gossip are grounds for divorce in Singaporebecause these things happen outside the marital bed or the household where the couple resides. However, you might as well consider them detrimental to your case. Let us assume a spouse filing one due to infidelity and lack of trust, and you wanted to keep things private between you and your spouse. Problems come in when someone who knows about this spreads rumours that do not have truth or stories that paint you negatively. Instead of focusing on the case, you might face these unnecessary dramas that hurt your situation.



People have different personalities, conflict resolution techniques, and avoidance skills, but there are some ways to deal with rumours and gossip that hurt your marital situation. Let us explore them below:


Opening up to the closest and most trusted friends might seem a good idea. Besides, these people might be your classmates from high school, those who have seen the highs and lows, and people with whom you feel secure sharing secrets and other things. The Singapore divorce process does not require you to keep these things under the radar, but consider lessening your social interactions to avoid rumours and gossip. If someone asks, only tell them the relevant details about the situation, not those they can inflate into negative stories.


We’re sure you have witnessed ugly situations, such as celebrity couples dragging each other on their social media accounts or garnering too much publicity over a trivial uncontested divorce case in Singapore. These things have no value whatsoever and only hurt someone’s career, family image, and even their finances.

While you may be a simple citizen living a private life, never post these things on your social media accounts. Did you delete the photos with your spouse, and someone asked? Never give them satisfaction, and try to answer them as privately as possible. Divorces are not dramatic performances that need an audience.


Filing a divorce in Singapore might cost thousands to millions of dollars depending on your case because of the legal profession you are hiring. In most cases, your lawyer does not have control over who says things or what people hear about the situation, but they can help you manage these things.

First, seek advice from them. In times of distress and other issues, they are one of the first people you approach. The second step is to never make a move without asking them. Are you about to make a statement in the news agency because things got ugly? Ask the lawyer first.


Both spouses have friends and a personal network they treasure. One thing about healthily facing or avoiding rumours and gossip is by realising that people may have their biases. First, your friends might be on the same page, but some might favour the other spouse. It happens when someone who knows the couple is closer to the other one.

Another explanation is that the person might have a more meaningful relationship with the spouse. Talking too much about your divorce in Singapore will cost you things, so it is better to distance yourself from some people.


The biggest no-no when avoiding drama during your contested or uncontested divorce case in Singapore is badmouthing your spouse.

First, it creates a negative atmosphere, for example, in the conversation with your friends or at family gatherings. You are not supposed to talk this way when undergoing this legal case.

Second, it says some things about you. Most people expect you to keep things private or address the issue between you and the spouse, so why are you painting them as crazy or the one unfit to keep the relationship healthy? Sure, you have no regard for what people think of you, but consider those things.



There is nothing good about hearing about crazy and dramatic court hearings and litigation between couples that have nothing to do with you or spreading inflated stories with zero truth. In Singapore, the divorce process is and will only be about the couple and their marital issues. That means they should never engage in rumours & gossip, talk badly about each other, and share these issues with everyone they know. Lastly, everyone should handle these things maturely, whether you are a spouse filing due to infidelity, a family member who values both spouses, or a friend who witnessed everything.

There are many grounds for divorce in Singapore, such as adultery, unreasonable behaviour, and separation. Now that you have learned about healthy and mature ways to manage drama, one step to take is to contact a lawyer to help you with the legal proceedings. Contact Aspect Law Chambers LLC to hire their services.