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Services That Private Detectives Can And Cannot Do

We may not like to think about it, but there may or may not come a time in your life where you will need a private investigator. If you’re not already familiar, private investigators or detectives are people who can be hired by an individual, group or organisation to perform all sorts of investigatory services. These services may range from something as personal as figuring out marital issues to corporate matters like copyright infringement, theft, and others. Because of this versatility, it’s not difficult to understand why investigation services in Singapore have been thriving.

Looking to hire a detective in Singapore?

Have you ever needed to obtain a piece of evidence or proof for a certain case or situation? Well, you don’t need to be high profile or important to hire a private detective. In fact, a majority of cases that private detectives look into can be because of personal or family disputes and affairs. While most of us can do simple investigations such as scouring an individual’s social media sites or looking into their daily schedules, not many of us have the time, skill, or knowledge necessary to fully investigating an individual.

That’s why most of us turn to professional private detectives in Singapore to obtain the information that we need. Private investigators train for years or even decades to learn the skills necessary to survey and collect evidence. But not all private detective agencies are made equal. Detective agencies and freelancers come in a range of experience levels and quality of service.

For the first-timer, this can be extremely daunting, especially considering the fact that there is no benchmark or solid price range for the cost of services of private detectives. The process of choosing the best private detective in Singapore requires a lot of research and comparing and contrasting between several agencies.

At a loss on how to pick one? Here is more information on what types of services the best private investigator offers for your needs.

What services private investigators provide for clients

You may be under the assumption that private detectives can bypass all kinds of hurdles in order to find out the truth. But in reality, they still have to operate within the confines of the law to figure out the information they need. They cannot infringe on another person’s rights while investigating them, but they can use many more means available to them than ordinary people have.


Here are some investigation services that private investigators can perform

1) Issues on family matters and disputes. Private investigators can be hired to settle civil cases such as child custody cases or divorce battles. They are often hired to find out more information on hidden assets or assessing whether an individual is entitled to receive child or spousal support. They can also be hired to look into other massers such as missing family members or settling inheritance disputes by finding new evidence.

2) Background checks. Is a new employee of your a bit sketchy? Does someone in your family or other important individuals have a shady past or may be a suspect in some incidents? If so, the most prudent course of action that anyone can take is to run a background check on them in order to make sure they aren’t involved in anything that could be a cause of concern. Not doing background checks on noteworthy people can put many people at risk in both legal and personal ways. Thankfully enough, many private detective agencies are adept in collecting information and checking for individual’s criminal, professional, and personal history such as home addresses and even social connections.

3) Investigations for organisations and businesses. It’s not only individuals who benefit from the services of a personal investigator or detective, even companies hire them for their services. For example, an insurance company can hire a private detective to look into someone’s insurance claim to see whether they are fraudulent or not. Private investigators save these companies thousands of dollars a year from fraudulent or inapplicable claims.

Private investigators solve a wide variety of cases and situations every year. In this line of work, detectives have to be adaptive and learn how to treat each individual case through new eyes. Circumstances can differ from case to case.


What are the types of work that private investigators cannot perform?

While the scope of situations and issues that detectives can look into is vast, there are still some areas of work that can cross the line of their abilities. Singaporean law still protects the individual freedoms and rights of individuals and even if the investigative service being performed is done to collect evidence of a crime or misdemeanour, it will still be illegal. These are a few examples of some of the things that private investigators cannot do.

1) Hacking or stealing an individual’s private social media accounts. This can be a violation of Singapore’s computer security laws.

2) Recording or storing obscene material. This is a sensitive matter. Certain content can count as an offence under Singapore law. For example, recording spouses in the act of committing adultery can be categorised as illegal obscene material.

3) Breaking into houses to record material. For the same reasons above, detectives cannot resort to these methods to collect evidence.

Does your situation call for the services of a private investigator? You should contact them and let them know about your situation so they can assess whether they can help you or not. Ask them for their full range of services and rates so you can better determine if you need them.

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