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Six Creative Ideas To Decorate With Different Types Of LED Bulbs

Everything done with a taste not only attracts attention but also brings a pleasant feeling to the view.

Indeed, when you are facing a landscape, do you not feel special emotions? In front of this ability of nature to illuminate and combine its colors so harmoniously.

This nature, you can take it home! Or at your office, your commercial space, combining the best of lighting with the best light technology. Discover all our lighting design by targeting here.

Ideas To Decorate With Led Bulbs.

The different types of LED bulbs such as Globe models, Vintage Bulbs, and LED Flame Bulbs combined with the best silicone cables, plastic bottles, cartons, and other elements will give a special touch to your space, and bring it personality and originality.

Plumbing Of Light:

Take a set of plumbing pipes in steel, copper, or PVC and create a frame. Insert the cable inside, and add a base adapter at each end and place a Vintage LED bulb.

You can fix it on a piece of wood, decorated previously.

Bottled Lamps:

Take three plastic bottles of sparkling water and cut them about 10 centimeters below the base. Paint them with pastel colors, unite them with silicone cables and adapters depending on the type of bulbs you want to use. You will get an original and colorful lamp.

Conserves Light:

You can use 2 to 3 large opening canisters to create original bedside lamps.

Punch them with uniform holes by drawing a pattern or shapes. Make a larger hole near the base to pass the silicone cable. Place the adapters for the model of LED bulbs to use, and you will get 2 or 3 beautiful lamps.

Shelf Bracket:

Take a square like the one used for shelves, if possible, in wood. Attach it to the wall where you want to place the point of light. Run a silicone cable through the holes normally reserved for the screws to secure the shelf. From bottom to top, entering the area closest to the wall and descending to the outer edge of the room, letting the cable hang.

Light In Glass:

Take five medium-sized glass containers with a screw-on lid and untie them to cables by making a hole in the lid. Then, at each end, place a flame bulb adapter. Or any other type of light bulb and create a hanging lamp.

Grated Light:

Attach four kitchen graters to a rectangular wooden base. Previously make holes to pass the cables and adapters for globe LED bulbs, Inside utensils for example, and we will get a very original hanging lamp.