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Some of the Effective Page Elements That You Can Add On Your Coming Soon Page


Coming Soon pages are created for mainly 2 purposes. They can be used for informing users about a new product or service launch, or can also be used while the pages are pulled down for maintenance or for new updates. Coming Soon pages give the visitors a glimpse of what you are going to offer to them.

You can also use these temporary pages on WordPress sites as well. In fact, you can use these Coming Soon pages for doing much more than just telling the visitors that the page will be back soon. You can also use them smartly for generating opt-in leads while the page is being developed in the back-end.

You can visit ComingSoonWp.Com to check out some of the best coming soon WordPress pages. They provide some of the best themes that can help your business in getting the best results even from the temporary pages. Let us check some of the essential elements of these pages that can help your businesses in gaining maximum momentum, even before the actual page goes live.

Strategies for Making a Dynamic Coming Soon Page

In the below section we have discussed some useful tips that help to design a perfect coming soon page in WordPress.

Use Creative Wordings

Make use of creative phrases like “We Coming Soon with offers that you cannot resist”, “You wait is almost over”, and other such wordings that will help in making the visitors curious about your upcoming offerings. You can also use it as feedback mechanism by asking questions like. “What is the best thing that you love about our product?”

It helps to get the attention of the users for your benefit.

Give a Brief Description and Include a Small Video of the Product Which Is Coming Soon

To create a positive effect, you can add an image of the product. Explain in short about its features. This gives them a brief insight into the same. It is the best strategy to make them aware of it. This arouses their interest and they eagerly wait for it.

Show your Brand Name and Logo on the Page

They can be displayed on a simple background. You can place the logo as it develops the familiarization with your brand. For example, if your WordPress site is not ready yet, you can design a impressive logo to inform the people that it is coming soon.

Make Use of Colorful Images

Black and white pages have become outdated. Nowadays it is time for colorful pages. Include colorful images to make your page more appealing and catchy. However, avoid putting too many images because it leads to confusion and lack of clarity.

Provide an Email Signup Box on the Coming Soon Page

In this way, you can make a follow-up and inform them about the product once it is launched in full swing. It is a good strategy to track your customers. This also arouses their interest in your products and services.

Mention the Links of Your Social Networking Sites

This forms good connections with the users before the launch of your actual WordPress site. Put the Widgets of Facebook, Twitter, etc. on the coming soon page, so that the visitors can click and engage with your company socially.


The above mentioned tips will be more beneficial than using the same old fashioned Coming Soon pages on your WordPress site. By providing a brief description of upcoming offers, you can expect people to show interest and willingness to purchase them. Alternatively, you can also use the redirect WordPress plugin to send the traffic to a new temporary page as well.