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Stress & Osteopathy – Managing & Controlling Stress With Osteopathy

Modern-day life is busy. It can be tiring, anxiety-ridden and stressful. One can almost barely last eight hours a day without experiencing stress, anxiety and fatigue. One would have to resort to a local spa or city osteopathy in Singapore during their weekends.

Relieving your stress is done when you have time to pamper yourself. However, not all are equally fortunate enough to have enough time, let alone the energy and time to go outside after an eight-hour of work. In most cases, the bed or your sofa becomes the refuge for the day’s end.

The Impacts Of Stress

Stress can warp our minds and body in a negative way. It often entails mental and physical health problems if one fails to manage them. We’ve heard stories and news articles about people struggling to live their days because of stress. We have seen and experienced how it can transform us and plunge us into the depths of depression. In short, it is detrimental to our health.

Visiting nearby osteopathy in CBD to treat your back pain or going to a local spa to pamper yourself might seem like an excellent idea to fight weekly stress. If we don’t, we get to experience a number of conditions, such as high blood pressure, weak immune system, muscle tension, digestive problems and headaches—to name a few. Long-term impacts of stress include weight gain, depression, risk of heart disease and stroke.

Our body is hard-wired to react to stress in different ways to protect the body from it. These small threats from ‘momentary periods’, such as seeing and being chased by a ‘feral dog’, are the type of ‘stress’ that our body can assist us with to shield us from ‘predators’. However, the modern life that we are living today has warped our instinct that treating minor problems isn’t enough. It’s more than just going to a vestibular rehabilitation for your dizziness or sleeping in a cosy bed. Treating it involves management.

When our body is under stress, we feel that we are under constant pressure of being under attack by something we don’t see but feel. Paying house bills, your rent, worrying about sizable workloads and looking after your loved ones are a few things that resemble ‘bricks’. When these bricks builds-up, it creates a wall—the stress we feel. The more these bricks come together, the larger the wall appears—the more stress one may feel.

Despite the hardships that we face daily, our modern times are discovering a number of options to fight stress. One does not need to allow it to control your life. Going to local city osteopathy, exercising, having a healthy diet, seeking professional counselling, laughing, etc., are among the best ways to counter it.

When Stress Can Cause Physical Pain


Many believe that stress is just within the confines of our minds. However, this belief allows one to overlook the problem. But we know that it doesn’t go away. Stress can manifest itself physically through pain (such as back pain or headache) and specific body conditions (digestive problems or difficulty sleeping, for example).

Chronic body pains are one of the tell-tale signs of stress. Yet we still often miss it. Osteopathy is one method of treating the physical manifestations of stress. It’s not surprising why some people tend to look for back pain physiotherapy in Singapore after a hard day’s work. Osteopathy provides a ‘gentle solution’ via hand treatment against discomfort and pain inflicted by stress.

Osteopathy & Stress – Managing & Controlling Your Stress With Osteopathic Treatment


Osteopathy can deliver a holistic treatment solution for body pains that stress inflicts and even anxiety. It ensures that all bodily systems are working through proper, safe, and gentle methods, such as massage, to deal with physical signs of stress.

Treating your body for the signs and symptoms of stress promotes better well-being and allows you to function in your day-to-day life with fewer constraints. It seeks to reduce muscle tensions, reduce tightness and stiffness in the joints, and allow better respiration and even digestion.

Seeking a city osteopathy service also helps your body relax since the effects of stress drag down the body’s energy level (which is why tiredness and fatigue are among the signs) and even the immune system. As patients undergo osteopathic treatment, the process eliminates the common symptoms of stress and the condition (such as breathing and blood circulation), drastically improving by releasing the tension.

Osteopathy does not only provide relaxing body treatment through gentle hand techniques. It also incorporates exercise and even city physiotherapy programs for patients. Each patient may receive specifically tailored programmes by physicians (in accordance with their body’s current condition) to manage stress and reduce the tension, promoting physical and mental wellness.

Combatting Stress & Anxiety With Lifestyle Changes


Aside from opting for city osteopathy or physiotherapy programs, changing your daily lifestyle is crucial. If you seek a holistic body transformation, you should also look at your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re veering away from unhealthy habits or freeing your body from stress and anxiety, changing your lifestyle is the way to go for a long-term solution.

For implementing a change to your daily lifestyle, consider the following factors such as:

  • Your everyday diet
  • Daily sleep routine
  • Exercise routine
  • Medication you take

Incorporating osteopathy (back pain physiotherapy or massage), meditation and talking therapy are excellent natural remedies that help you have a healthy and positive lifestyle. You should consider visiting a physician or doctor for assistance with what you should avoid and take more for a 360-degree lifestyle change.

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