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Style tips for shorter men

Men and women come in all shapes and sizes. For those who don’t quite fit the national ‘average’, shopping for fashionable clothes that flatter your size can be tricky.

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For example, an article on the BBC suggests that the average British male is 5ft 9inches. If you are shorter than that, you are likely to struggle to find clothing that is cut to flatter your size. While tall guys are usually catered for, those who are somewhat vertically challenged will find shopping harder. One reason for this is that clothing manufacturers know that longer hems can be taken up, but not lengthened, so there is almost an expectation on shorter men to just ‘make do’ with what’s already out there.


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But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some style tips for shorter men, so you can enjoy fashionable clothing.

Use a tailor

When it comes to trousers, you are unlikely to find something to flatter your size if you are short. The alternative is to invest in a good tailor who can take the hem up as required, as well as tapering trousers into the ideal fit for you. Once you have one pair done professionally, they can be replicated at cheaper outlets whenever you get a new pair.

Make your body appear longer

There are many style tricks used by both men and women to give the illusion of length and height. High waisted trousers are a great way to make legs appear longer. Wearing colours that blend into one another on your top and bottom halves also makes the lines between the legs and torso more blurred. Patterned trousers are always a bold move, but should be especially avoided for shorter men. Instead, opt for pattern and designs on your top half in order to draw the eye upwards.

Good shirts

A tailored fitted shirt is going to do much more for you then a boxy, baggy fit. Farah shirts (https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah) offer a range of flattering fits for all shapes and sizes.

Chunky shoes

Women wear high heels to give them height and there’s no reason why men can’t do similar with a chunky soled shoe. These days, wedged sneakers are a popular trend and a high soled work shoe is easy to find. These can sometimes add inches onto your height.