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The Highly Preferred Option of Snowbirds to Ship Their Personal Vehicle

When winters make their appearance, snowbirds migrate from cold northern parts to warm southern regions to escape the freezing weather. The word ‘snowbird’ has been around for about 100 years and refers to seasonal travelers who take a trip from their hometown to their secondary home in a warmer place every year.

Why do snowbirds/ winter visitors travel to a warmer place?

  • To stay healthy: Shoveling snow off their porch is tricky for seniors. They are also at a higher risk of slips and snow limits them from indulging in healthy activities like walking and biking. They move to warm climates for health reasons.
  • Business flexibility: Some business owners who have the liberty to work from their home and don’t particularly like winters choose to move to a warmer area.
  • Vacation: Younger families plan their vacation in the south warmer regions. They spend a couple of weeks in beach resorts.

The Role of Auto Transport Company in Auto Shipping

How do snowbirds usually transport their car?

The popular snowbird destinations include Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas, California and Hawaii. Everyone generally takes their personal vehicle along with them for easy commute in the destination place but driving all the way to the destination is tiring. You’ll be required to swap your car’s snow tires to a summer tire and also put your vehicle through wear and tear.

The hazards of driving add up to the concerns. Hiring a professional driver isn’t a cost-efficient option and you’ll have to pay for their return trip home. Most winter travelers find car shipping services to transport their vehicle to the destination location. If you are looking for services offering special car shipping for snowbirds, get in touch with Ship a Car, Inc.

They are the top-rated reliable auto shipping brokers and connect clients to suitable shipping companies. They have 35 years of experience in the shipping industry and offer high-quality affordable shipping services at several routes. You don’t have to spend hours narrowing down the best company of your needs.

Benefits of seeking shipping services:

  • Safety: Though mishaps (like dents) could occur due to external factors, this method is generally a safe way of transporting your vehicle. The shipping company also offers coverage to take care of damages during transport.
  • Convenience: Snowbirds agree that this is a convenient way to transport personal vehicles. You won’t have to traverse through congested roads and end up stressed and irritated.
  • Saves money: When you choose to drive all the way to the south, there are several other expenses involved like gas, accommodation, coffee breaks and food. Instead you can book tickets to reach the destination and have your vehicle delivered there.

Several auto transport services offer fast-service exclusive for snowbirds since they find them to be a loyal customer base every year. They see a surge in revenue during the winter period. They offer shipping services through several popular routes at affordable prices. It is recommended to make your booking in advance to ensure your vehicle is delivered on the desired date.