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The Pros And Cons Of Laptop Subscriptions In Singapore

Laptops are absolute necessities for students and professionals nowadays—especially now that we are all still living in a world troubled by the coronavirus. Pupils from various parts of the island take their classes through video conferencing platforms displayed on computer screens. Meanwhile, employees of companies from different industries remotely fulfil their duties with the help of handy notebooks. Many people may be slowly returning to face-to-face classes and work, but online lessons and home-based jobs will remain a norm in numerous corners of the globe, including Lion City. Numerous individuals will still rely on their trusty laptop units in Singapore to learn and work without being in classrooms or offices.An-image-of-a-laptop

If you are thinking about getting a laptop for school or work, you may be wondering about the best way to obtain one that would help you with your studies or job. You can head to malls or retail stores near you to purchase a brand new notebook. You could also shop for a unit online through various virtual stores. Moreover, you can find a few used laptop models in online Singapore marketplaces if new ones do not suit your budget. But did you know that you could get a subscription plan for a laptop?

Like an iPad subscription service, laptop plans provide Singapore residents with a way to use notebooks for school or work without needing to spend hefty sums. People could choose a plan that suits their needs, settle monthly payments, and enjoy using a laptop without the stress of finding a significant amount of money to buy one. But are these services worth getting, or are you better off owning a laptop by purchasing one from a retail store near you?


   I.  The Perks And Pitfalls Of Laptop Subscriptions

Despite the beauty of getting a Windows or MacBook Air subscription plan in Singapore, numerous residents are still hesitant to try getting a laptop through these services. They either believe misconceptions surrounding subscription plans or are still unaware of the benefits they can experience by renting a notebook. To help you see if getting a laptop subscription plan suit your needs as a student or employee, here are its pros and cons:

Pro: A Cheap Way To Use Laptops

A notebook, phone, or iPad subscription service allows individuals who lack the budget to purchase a brand new gadget to use one for a specific time. They do not need to take out or borrow hefty amounts of money to have a device that would keep them company at school or work.

Con: You Do Not Own The Device You’re Using

Not owning the laptop you rent is the primary disadvantage of subscribing to gadget plans. You cannot completely customise the unit or use it for longer than a few years since the leased Windows laptop or MacBook Air does not belong to you.

Pro: New Laptop Every Few Months

If you usually feel tired of using the same device after a couple of months or want to experience new pieces of technology every quarter or year, subscribing to a laptop plan in Singapore would be your ideal choice. After about two years or less, you can switch to a different notebook after returning the last one you rented.

Con: You Cannot Store Files Locally For As Long As You Like

Some laptop subscription service providers in Singapore allow their customers to keep their files in the units they are leasing, but only for the duration of their plans. After the service, they need to delete their locally-stored documents.

Pro: No Maintenance Expenses

Unlike owning a Windows notebook or MacBook Air in Singapore, you do not need to take your laptop for checkups or pay for their repairs. Throughout the plan period, a warranty will cover the maintenance needs of your unit.

Con: Not Ideal For Long-Term Usage

Laptop subscription plans can be more expensive than buying a unit in the long run—specifically if you rent it for long periods. It may seem cheaper since you only need to settle a monthly economical price, but adding it up may reveal that subscribing to a laptop leasing programme is more pricey.


II.        Your Guide To Getting A Laptop Subscription

If you think you could benefit from getting a laptop subscription in Singapore, you must be wondering where and how to start your journey to leasing such a device. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the process of renting a notebook, but the following tips will guide you to getting the subscription plan that matches your budget, needs, and preferences:

A. Learn About Your Needs

Ask yourself about your needs before getting a plan from a laptop subscription service provider in Singapore. How will you use the device, and which specs and features should it possess?

B. Find A Trustworthy Platform

The quality and reliability of any service depend on the company providing them. They should follow the applicable regulations to offer Windows notebook or MacBook Air subscription packages in Singapore and ensure that their units are not faulty.

C. Pick An Appropriate Plan

After finding a service provider and the ideal laptop, choose a plan that suits your budget. Pick a package that is not too heavy in your pockets but would still address your laptop needs in school or work.

D. Read The Terms And Conditions Of The Service

Whether you are getting a laptop or iPad subscription service, learn about the terms and conditions of your plan. Learn about the legalities of the package and ensure that you understand your responsibilities as a subscriber.

E. Ensure A Warranty

Before paying for your laptop subscription service in Singapore, see if your provider gave you a warranty. This document will guarantee that you do not need to pay for specific maintenance needs of the unit.

III. Sign Up To A Laptop Subscription Plan Today!

Getting a notebook, iPad, or MacBook Air subscription service can be daunting if you are unaware of its pros and cons. You may also find the process tricky if you do not know what to expect from the plan. Fortunately, you can refer to guides like this article to help you see if laptop subscription plans suit you.

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