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The Reason Behind Popularity of Slot Machines

There are a lot of slot machine types and even though video slots are the most popular, they are not the eldest too. Three-reel slots are the original slots and they are still being played whilst the new video slots come and go.


These are the eldest slots that have physical reels, unlike the video slots that have been digitized. Three-reels are most known for the famous lever that can be pulled to get the winnings. Video slots put a lot of emphasis on gaming through sound effect and interactive play whilst three-reels are all about gambling.

Most popular three-reel is Double Diamond and each has its own jackpot structure. They are also easy to play, just hit and wait. Three-reels have their own set of fans playing the games which is why they still stand their ground at all major land-based casinos.


Video slots attract a different type of people, those that like some entertainment and interactivity in their gambling. With the development of technology and the online sector, video slots took over the world. From Game of Thrones to Star Wars and other brands, fans can play and indulge in the stories of their likings. Some land-based video slots have special effects such as motion in the Top Gun slots. Others provide music or visual effects. Virtual reality is bound to further differentiate the complexity and range of the slots.

Video slots have a lot of bonuses, free spins and similar things set to lure the player into gaming. These slots have been designed to keep the players playing and having fun. The biggest obstacle that they face is the fact that after a while, players experience all that a video slot provides and become uninterested with it. This is why the video slots sector is rapidly changing and providing new games.

Online Sector

The slots with the online casino games Canada also need to justify their worth to be kept on the website but the biggest difference is that the less played ones can still be kept if costs are not high because they don’t take any physical space. With video and three-reel slots in land-based casinos, as soon as a slot is starting to earn less money, it would be changed with a new one which is not the case with online slots.

Video slots are the most played type of slots but some distinct three-reel slots are the longest popular ones. Online slots also tend to last longer than some land-based video slots due to the fact that they don’t take up physical space.