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Things to consider when selecting your blog hosting provider

If you want to start a blog or a website this year? You need to take many things into consideration when searching for a web host and figuring out your exact needs can be unfathomable to do. Here are some things worth taking into consideration when selecting a hosting plan for your own WordPress blog.

First step is figuring out what type of hosting fulfills your needs. Shared hosting is a good fit for smaller hobby sites, another type of hosting is VPS hosting which gives more flexibility and is a good fit for growing sites, and dedicated hosting offers more security and also more resources.

Your blog hosting provider lays the fundament of your blog, sadly it is easily forgotten. Everyone knows the importance of a blog for any digital business’ success in this world where technology is getting more and more advanced and needed. It’s a very efficient way to communicate and be understood when it comes to telling about ideas or even leisure. 

It’s about quality not price. It’s about Hosting for functionality and optimized potential to fit what your business does. Before selecting a web hosting plan, the platform on which you are going to develop your website needs to be known first. If it is already made then which platform is the best fit for it. An example could be, if your website is made in ASP language, a Windows Hosting plan is the way to go and then select a Web Host specializing in Windows hosting. The same thing applies, if your website is made in the PHP language, a Linux Hosting plan could be preferred for you since it would be the best platform for PHP.

The Foundation of Your Blog

The blog host is the foundation for your blog; it protects your created content, your reader’s information and data, and it helps you to give a greater experience to your audience. Selecting the blog host that’s right for you is often overlooked by many new bloggers. Therefore, it can be advantageous to choose the blog host that fits you and your needs, before you begin to write your first post. 

Why Is Having Good Blog Hosting Important?

We all look at many beautiful websites all the time. They look good with good web designs, fantastic writing, and use of great images, but what we don’t see is the engine of the website, the thing keeping the website going, running and functional. And that is what the blog host does. A bad motor means your website is very slow, and it’s breaking down all the time.


We all know the frustrating feeling when we click on a link and the site is not opening. This not only annoys the user, but it also affects Google itself, which then begins to provide less value in organic search results for that specific address. That means you need to make sure your website hosting service gives the best quality of availability.

This is called uptime, it’s a factor that can be measured. The closer it is to 100%, the better it is. That means, when selecting your website hosting provider, keep this in mind, and prioritize the available offers with uptime above 99%.


The rise of internet usage also gives a rise to potential hackers. To keep them at bay, a secure web host can go a long way in that regard. A good host will make sure that their machines are updated and also regularly scan for malware. To give more added security, some providers also use firewall rules and monitor the network as well. 

Technical Support

If your business scales up and the amount of traffic increases, a good thing to have is support 24/7. And so you should ask for it. Technical support which works all day every day is good to have. Test your web host by starting a chat support or send an email/ticket at an irregular time such as midnight and check if they answer you. This is how you check what quality is.