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Things You Need to Prepare to Become a Singapore Citizen

There are numerous reasons why you may want to apply for your Singapore citizenship today. It may be because of their attractive tourist spots that you want to revisit repeatedly even after acquiring your permanent residency with them. Moreover, you might be fond of travelling on foot which is ideal once you have secured a place within the region.

Furthermore, you may also want to enjoy their efficient transport system more opting you to apply for citizenship in an instant. You might be unaware of it, but the Lion City is known for its high-quality and modern commuting options. Hence, it may also be your most convenient option when in a rush along their busy streets.

They are also known as the Garden City because of their lush gardens and street-side trees that make the region more worthwhile to live. Process your Singapore citizen application now if you want such sceneries. Besides, who wouldn’t want to experience a greener haven in the middle of the bustling city?

Another reason you would choose to live there is due to their topnotch education system and offers. It is known to be one of the leading regions with high literacy ratings perfect for your efficient learning. You may only need to apply to be their citizen to enrol with some of their prominent schools and institutions today.

Better career opportunities may also be your reason why you want to become a Singapore citizen immediately. It may be new to you but expect to find more career openings there compared with its neighbouring regions. Moreover, have greater chances of landing your dream job when your future employer learns that you reside within the city.

Lastly, their growing economy might be the sole reason why you want to become a permanent resident. It may either be beneficial for your or your family in the long run, so you better secure your Singapore citizenship application today. Avoid getting rejected when you get to prepare these essentials during your appeal to be one of them soon:

Eligibility Check

First and foremost, check if you or your immediate kin are eligible to apply for citizenship. There are different standards you need to meet before you can even begin with your petition request. Here are some of them that you should take note of as soon as you decide to be a naturalized resident:

  • If you have been a permanent inhabitant for at least a couple of years in Singapore, then you can apply to become their citizen. They would also require you to be 21 years old and above to qualify with their given terms. You can also tag along with you your legal spouse and children who may also want to live with you.
  • They may also allow you to work on your naturalized citizenship application when you have been a resident for at least two years and have been legally married with a local in the region. You only need to prove your marriage and that you are with your partner for at least two years to become eligible. They should only need to validate and sponsor your appeal for its approval.
  • But if you are a long-term student, then they will also allow you to apply for citizenship. Show them proof that you have been staying in the region for over and above three years. You also need to pass one national level examination or be enrolled in an Integrated Programme to be eligible. You should also show proof that you have been living there for a year for their fast processing.

Moreover, if your child is duly recognized to be a Singapore citizen, then you can apply to become one soon. Fulfil their minimum residency requirement and submit the necessary documents to hasten your request.

Legal Documents

As mentioned, you need your legal documents if you don’t want your citizenship application to be rejected right at the start. These include files such as your identification cards, passport, and birth certificate that would help them identify you. They will also use these to validate your records within the region and overseas.

It is also essential that you prepare supporting papers that’ll authenticate your citizenship application. Put together your family documents such as your marriage certificate, kin birth certificates, and custody papers of your children you also want to be locals with you. Never forget about your proof of employment and education that they can use for their verification.

Processing Fees

Once you have prepared your requirements, then be ready with your funds as you may need to settle several fees before they can even process it. Check their processing rates to have an idea of how much you should prepare. These vary depending on your eligibility to be a legitimate Singapore citizen.

Always have some extra cash-on-hand as they will charge you again once they approve your citizenship application request. It usually includes payments for your certificate and identification card proving your legitimacy as a naturalized resident in the region. There may also be additional processing fees so better be ready with them.

Free Time

Nonetheless, always have enough time to process your citizenship application as it may take several months before its approval. It may extend if you still need to work on their required papers and documents. Expect it to prolong if you don’t meet their initial eligibility requirements.

Hence, seek assistance from professional and legitimate immigration firms like Singapore Top Immigration to help you with your Singapore citizenship appeal. They can provide you with the topnotch services to protect you from rejected citizen applications and ensure its hasty approval soon. Check their website now to enquire more about how they can help you today!