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Things You Will Know In A New Car Dealer | Brands, Models, And More

Many people want to own a car because of the benefits it could give. The most common reason you will hear is it makes trips and travels easier and convenient. Some car owners will tell you that they want to collect cars. It is also a good thing as long as you have the budget. But for all those reasons, do not forget that one way to get a good car is with the help of research, a mechanic, and car dealers. You will see them anywhere in the country, even online. Just look for one you can trust to ensure that you will not regret the vehicle you purchase. To help you start looking for your future car, here are the things you need to know.


If you search for a car, the first thing you need to do is look at the popular car brands in the country. This way, you will know the options you will have in the market. It will also help you narrow down the choices you have, knowing that there are many car brands and models, not to mention the year. Whether you are having doubts about the one you will buy or not, it is better to get the help of a parallel car importer in Singaporeto know the car that would fit you and your budget. These are some of the known car brands in the country:


Some are having confusion when it comes to Hyundai. You will hear them saying that it is a Japanese car brand, but the truth is that it is a South Korean brand. It started in 1967 and now has a headquarter in Seoul, South Korea. Their facility is in Ulsan. You will also see them in different countries now, making them one of the most successful car brands in the world.


If you ask a new car dealer in Singapore about their Japanese-made cars, Mazda will never be out of the options. You will see them producing vehicles in different countries, making them one of the most successful car brands. The first vehicles they manufactured were trucks. But now, you will also see them on four wheels. They also became partners with Ford from 1974 until 2015.


Aside from Mazda, Honda is also a Japanese car brand. But aside from automobiles, they are commonly known in the motorcycle industry. When it comes to equipment, they can produce engines, aircraft, robots, and more. They have been in the business for 73 years now, and their headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.


Another Japanese-made vehicle brand is Toyota, and it is one of the most popular car brands worldwide. You will never see a country not using this brand and not included in their top lists. If you are looking for their cars, you can look for a Toyota dealer in Singapore. They produce millions of vehicles every year, making them successful, until now even after being in the automobile industry for 84 years. If you want a luxury car, you can check their other brand, Lexus.


South Korea and Japan are not the only countries that can produce quality cars. If you are looking for a German car, Mercedes-Benz is the one for you. Some of the products they have are cars, buses, and trucks. It has been operating for 95 years now, and its headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany.


Another German-made vehicle brand is Audi. However, the ones they have are not just cars, but luxury cars. Search for a parallel car importer if this brand is the one you are eyeing to buy. They have facilities in different countries, and those are in Spain, China, India, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, and Brazil.


BayerischeMotoren Werke AG, also known as BMW, is one of the German car brands known worldwide. It has been 105 years since they were founded, but still going strong in the vehicle industry. They also have motorcycles aside from luxury cars. Their headquarter is in Munich, Germany.


If you are looking for a new car dealer, do not forget to ask them about Volkswagen. It is another German manufacturer of cars and has been in the business for 84 years. They are partners with Audi. Some of the favourite Volkswagen car models are:

  • T-Cross
  • Jetta
  • Santana
  • Golf
  • Bora

You will see their headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.


Back to Japanese car brands, Nissan is one of them. You will see their building in Yokohama, Japan, and they have been in the automobile business for 87 years. If you are familiar with Datsun and Infiniti, they are in the same brand. They also produce products for maritime.


Hyundai is not the only known South Korean car brand in the world, but Kia as well. You will see their headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. And it is the second known automobile maker in the country. Search for a parallel car importer that sells this brand.


For sure, you know the Japanese brand, Mitsubishi. You can see them in automotive and other industries. It has been 151 years since they became established, but they are still one of the top brands in the world. They are in construction, mining, aviation, telecom, and even electronics.



When talking about cars, you could never cross out Toyota. They are one of the most known vehicle brands worldwide, and you will see them anywhere. Toyota has many car models. If you want the ones in Singapore, here are the models you can ask in a Toyota dealer:


Altis is one of the newest releases of Toyota. It has three variants: elegance, hybrid, and standard. Some of the features you can expect in their 2020 models are the following:

  • Power Auto-Retractable Wing Mirror
  • Sporty Front
  • 7” Multi-Information Display
  • 17” Aluminium Rims
  • Spacious Interior
  • 7 SRS Airbags

The capacity, fuel, power, and price depend on the variant you choose, and the most expensive one is the hybrid.


You will see Supra models in different colours, like ice grey metallic, white metallic, and black metallic. Unlike the Altis, this model only has one variant: Supra 3.0L. You can ask a Toyota dealer about its features, but here are some:

  • Smart Entry and Start
  • 19” Forged Rims
  • Dual Zone Air Conditioning
  • Heads Up Display
  • Leather Seats
  • Sports Mode
  • 8 SRS Airbags

You will also have safety features like Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Monitor. It can help you and other vehicles safe from accidents.


If you are looking for a car that looks elegant on the inside and the outside, you might want to consider buying a Toyota Harrier. It is the one for you if you wish to take your family on long drives. You can have it in the colours black, white pearl crystal shine, and sensual red mica. Here are the features you can expect from it:

  • Full-Width Rear LED Light
  • Sleek and Tapered Roofline
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Digital Mirror (For Luxury Only)
  • Drive Mode
  • Ambient Lighting

The Harrier model has three variants: elegance, premium, and luxury. The most expensive one is luxury.


The sedan is one of the most common car types, and Toyota Camry is one of them. A Toyota dealer has this in their store for people who are looking for everyday use. You can have it in attitude black, silver metallic, and platinum white pearl. It has two variants: standard and elegance. Its features include:

  • 18” Aluminium Rims
  • Sporty Bumper
  • Bootlid Spoiler
  • Genuine Leather Steering Wheel
  • Chrome Dual Exhaust Tips
  • Rain Sensing Wiper
  • 524 Litre Boot Space

It would also not let you down when it comes to safety because it has a Pre-Collision System, Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Blind Spot Monitor.


Do not forget your family if you will buy a vehicle. Consider them so you can purchase the right car. With this, you can try Sienta Standard or Sienta Elegance. You can have it in attitude black mica, orange metallic, citrus metallic, and silver metallic. Expect these features from them:

  • Power Sliding Door
  • Projector Headlamps
  • Aluminium Rims
  • Rear Air Conditioning
  • Smart Entry and Start
  • 1.5 Dual VVT-i Engine

You can get Hill Start Assist Control and Anti-Lock Braking System. SRS airbags are also there for your safety and all the people inside the vehicle.


If you want a vehicle for your everyday trips, look for Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid in Singapore. The most popular colour for this is the brass gold metallic. But, you can also have it in black mica and white pearl crystal shine. It has two variants: Yaris Cross active and excite. These are some of their features:

  • Auto Folding Mirrors
  • Sporty 16” Aluminium Rims
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Apple Carplay Or Android Auto
  • 8” Touch Screen Display
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Aerodynamic Design

You can also expect storage spaces, 1.5L Dynamic Force Engine, Pre-Collision Systems, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to ensure safe driving.


Another sedan for you is Vios. It will give you many things, like its sporty exterior and comfortable seats. It has two variants: Vios E and Vios G. You can get it in super white, red mica metallic, dark blue mica metallic, and grey metallic. Expect these from this model:

  • Electric Folding Side Mirrors
  • Smart Entry
  • 16” Sporty Rims (For Vios G)
  • Spacious Cabin
  • 7 SRS Airbags
  • Halogen Projector Headlamps
  • Push Start
  • Rear USB Ports
  • 1.5 Dual VVT-I Engine
  • Touch Screen Headunit

It also uses Low Noise and Vibration, Anti-Lock Braking System, Hill Start Assist System, and Brake Assist.

These Toyota car models are only some of the ones you will see in a Toyota dealer in Singapore. Look for one that can make you experience comfortable driving.



Since you already know various car brands and models, think of the new car dealer you trust. They will be the foundation of having a car, so you must have a standard when sourcing for one. To help you in looking, here are the things you need to check in them:


The first factor you need to ensure is if they are legitimate and reliable. It is a car that is in the talks, and it is a big deal. You will release a huge amount here, and giving it to fake ones could make your head and bank account hurt. Do not let it happen to you.


A parallel car importer must have positive reviews on their website. It is where you will know the experiences of their previous clients, especially if it concerns the relationship and transaction they had with the dealer. It can also help you look for a car for you.


The location of the car dealer is also necessary. It is better to get a vehicle in a legitimate yet nearby dealership because it could help you save time. And if you encounter an issue, you can reach them in just minutes.


Since they are a car dealer, you can expect the products to be vehicles from different brands and have various models. However, you can also check if they have car accessories. Good examples would be cargo tray, grille garnish, bumper protector, spoiler wing, and more.


Do not forget to check their business hours, so you can have an appointment with them if it is what they require. But if not, all you need to do is see what time they are closing their store so you can come back the other day.

Having a car is a convenient way if you are travelling from work to home and vice versa. But of course, you need to think of your expenses first and see if having a car fits in there. To know more about it, look for a parallel car importer in Singapore or visit the website of Venture Cars. You can check all the products and services they have for their clients.