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  Top 3 Most Common Retractable Roof Materials In Singapore | Shadetimes

Awnings are like roof extensions usually placed above the windows and patios or porch. Some awnings are permanent, but there is also a retractable roof in Singapore. The primary purpose of awnings is to provide shade during high noon and protection during inclement weather.

An awning supplier in Singaporeprovides various materials used in awnings and roofing. This article will discuss the most common awning materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

Top 3 Most Common Materials Used In Awnings

1. Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are usually made of aluminium. Public spaces and establishments commonly use metal roofing. Mostmetal roofing and awnings in Singapore are retractable. One best example of roofing is those found in pop-up stores and food trucks.


●     Durability

Metal or aluminium awnings are probably the most durable roofing. Aluminium can withstand strong winds, lashing storms, and hail.

●     Shade

Metal roofing and awnings in Singapore block the sun efficiently. Hence, effective in reducing the temperature.

●     Cost-effective

Aluminium is not as expensive as other materials used in awnings. Additionally, they can last up to 50 years, making them an excellent investment for homes.


●     Rust and corrosion

Somemetal roofing and awnings in Singaporeare not rust-proof. Aluminium corrodes as well.

●     Fewer design options

Most metal awnings only offer ordinary designs and shapes. Your awning contractor in Singapore may offer to paint your metal awnings. Painting and coating add protection against rust and must be done regularly.

●     Can be expensive

Fixed aluminium awnings are indeed cheap, but the retractable, especially the automated metal roofing, can be expensive.


Use water and mild detergent to wash the metal roofing and awnings. Use a non-abrasive brush to remove the grimes off the roof.

Lubricate all moving parts ona retractable metal roof in Singapore. Regular repainting and coating of the roof prevent rust and corrosion.

Remove all debris from fallen leaves and bird droppings during the regular days.

2. Fibreglass Awnings

Glass fibres and resin make up the fibreglass material. Fibreglass comes in different names, including glass-reinforced plastic and glass-fibre reinforced plastic.

Fibreglass awnings use metal frames and fibreglass panels. Unlike the metal awning that can be retracted, the fibreglass roof is fixed and permanent. You can ask your awning contractor in Singapore for fibreglass awnings.

Patios, porches, and garages mostly use fibreglass awnings. The fibreglass panels are translucent; it allows sufficient sunlight to pass through the panels.


●     Weather protection

Fibreglass awnings provide protection against UV rays, relentless heavy rain, and strong winds.

●     Cost-effective

Fibreglass is an affordable material, durable and has long longevity. The upkeep is easy, reducing maintenance costs.

●     Light

Unlike the metal roof in Singapore that blocks sunlight entirely, fibreglass allows sufficient sunlight to pass through. It illuminates the space with soft light.

●      Design options

Fibreglass panels come in different colours. Custom fibreglass panels allow clients to print graphics and images on the fibreglass boards. It can be used in advertising. You can ask your awning supplier in Singapore for this service.


●     Brittle

Although fibreglass is durable against extreme weather, it cannot resist stress and brute force. Avoid standing on the panels or dropping heavy objects on them.

●     Poor insulation

Fibreglass panels are not excellent in retaining room temperature or preserving heat.

●     Difficult to install

The fibreglass panels are installed one by one on the metal frame. It could take your awning contractor in Singaporequite some time to finish the project.

●     Fading colour

The colour fades after several years.


Use clean water and mild soap to clean the fibreglass awnings. Since you have to avoid stepping on the fibreglass panels, you can use a hose to rinse the roof.

On a regular day, you can use a broomstick or brush to remove debris, such as fallen leaves and bird droppings.

Ask your awning supplier in Singaporeto replace a broken panel with a new one immediately. Avoid throwing stones or other objects on your fibreglass awnings.

3. Canvas


Canvas is made of cotton and other traditional linen. Canvas awning can be fixed, foldable, and retractable. An awning contractor in Singapore usually uses metal or wood frames for canvas awning.

Besides residential uses, many establishments use canvas awnings, especially restaurants’ alfresco spaces.


●     Durable

Canvas material is weather resistant. It can withstand sunlight, heavy rain, and strong winds. However, although the canvas material is strong, the frame must be fixed properly to withstand strong gusts. Otherwise, the wind can easily blow the canopy.

●     Cost-effective

Canvas material is affordable, but some can be expensive, depending on the fabric types.

●     Shade

Canvas material can block the sunlight, depending on its colour. Darker colour canvas can offer shade, whilst light coloured and sheer canvas may allow soft light to pass through. Ask your awning contractor in Singapore for the appropriate canvas material for your place.

●     Design option

Canvas can come in different colours and patterns. Clients can also print graphics and designs on canvas.


●     It wrinkles

A foldable and retractable canvas roof in Singapore is prone to wrinkles.

●     Stains

Rusts from the metal frame, paints, and other coloured liquid can stain the canvas material.

●     Flammable

Canvas are flammable since they are made of fabric. But there are now fire-retardant fabrics available. Ask your awning supplier in Singapore for this kind of material.


As much as possible, keep your canvas awnings away from sharp objects, such as bushes that could tear the fabric.

Check for any signs of rips and holes; immediately repair them if you see one.

On a regular day, remove the debris, such as leaves and bird droppings, off your fixed or retractable canvas roof in Singapore using a broom or a soft brush.

Use a water hose and dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent to wash the stains.


Each awning material has pros and cons. One must weigh their advantages and disadvantages to determine which material works for you in terms of function, aesthetics, and costs.


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