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Top 5 Reasons to Do Business in Ghana

As a businessperson, you might find it hard to overlook the pace with which Ghana is growing. The African nation has come a long way and is now politically and economically stable, which is the reason behind the national prosperity. 

With the new business policy, Ghana has reduced the cost of starting a business, attracting many investors from around the world to its liberalized market. To grab the opportunity of opening a business at Ghana only thing you now need to know is How to Register a Business in Ghana

How to Register a Business in Ghana

Following are the information you need to provide to RGD (Registrar General’s Department) before filing the registration-form:

The names, dates of birth, residential addresses, tax identification numbers (TINs), nationalities and occupations of the directors and shareholders

  • Then you need to download the Form from the RGD (Registrar General’s Department).
  • Fill the form number three and four, also the company director needs to sign on all the relevant pages.
  • After the form filling, you need to authenticate page four from the Commissioner of oaths. 
  • Submit the registration-form to RGD and pay the fees that include– registration fees, stamp duty, registration form fees. 
  • Reason to do business in Ghana

Rich in Natural Wealth

Ghana is the sub-Sharan African nation that is rich in natural wealth, which includes human resources, agriculture, mining, etc.  Agriculture has a major share in the national GDP and is the second-largest cocoa exporter in the world. 

Fluent with English Languages

Ghana has a good education infrastructure, and the nation has a 55% of literacy rate. Ghana education uses English as its official language due to which communication barrier is not an issue as you can easily find people who can understand and communicate in English in Ghana.

Political Stability 

One of the problems with many African countries is their political instability. Contrary to their neighbor, Ghana is much more liberal and politically stable. Ghana had a democratic model of choosing the Government.

Increasing Power Supply

Ghana Government is now focusing on energy policy that aims to increase the power generation up to 5000MW by2016 and provide universal access of electricity to the people by the year 2020. 


Ghana has two Commercial ports that are as follows-

  • Tema Harbour (in the east)
  • Takoradi Harbour (in the west)

The harbor handles all kinds of cargo like bulks, steels, vehicles. Also, it can handle cargo containing crude oil and liquid petroleum products.