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 Top 6 Best Current Social Issues In Singapore To Tackle In Surveys

In every country, people face different and various social issues every year. These social issues are the top factors that affect the nation, the country, and the government.The study of societal problems and concerns is called sociology. It is such a fascinating field of study in college. Sociology deals with understanding and knowing people, traditions, races, cultures, or customs. Studying sociology would help you understand the current social issues in Singapore.

Whether you are writing an essay, surveying for a research paper, doing a thesis, or needing support for debates, topics on social issues can help you understand and write better. Because it is a broad topic, the possibilities for writing are endless. The current social issues in Singaporecan be a good conversation starter or discussion for your essay.

If you are taking a sociology class or need social issue topics for the best survey sites in Singapore, this list of subjects can help you kickstart your paper.


Various online surveys for money have been utilised over the years to discover and determine the current social issues in Singapore every year. For students, these types of topics are effective for making lengthy controversial papers or research. Some of these are:


In 2020, coronavirus disease was introduced globally and caused millions of people to die. It is the reason why it became one of the leading current social issues in Singaporein 2020. It is one good topic to tackle now, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes to almost everyone across the globe. In one of the online surveys for money,over 84 per cent of the respondents chose health as the leading social issue they are concerned about.

Some factors that you can expand on are healthcare, lifestyle adjustments and necessary actions and expectations in case it happens again. How can the government in Singapore provide better lives and aid for the upcoming health-related challenges? What are the ways to assure the citizens that healthcare is within anyone’s means? These are just some of the questions you can ask in your earn money survey for Singapore citizens.


Again, one of the top current social issues in Singapore in 2020 was because of COVID-19. Because of the community isolation and the new changes in social life of people, it gravely affected the mental health of some. There were lockdown restrictions, no dine-ins, no malls, no anything and everything. Everyone had to stay at home to lessen the chances of spreading the contagious virus.

Through the best survey sites in Singapore, you can tackle issues and concerns about mental health and how did they cope up with the months of lockdown. More and more people are becoming aware of mental health. You can use this topic to help widen the awareness and inform more people about mental conditions and diseases.


Whether the prime or the developing countries, almost all countries have experienced poverty and a low economy at some point. It was also one of the current social issues in Singapore back in 2019-2020. In one of the online surveys for money, an estimate of 35 per cent of people donated to the vulnerable groups and low-income families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues and concerns on poverty and economics are broad. Using this social issue topic for your research paper can help generate numerous questions.

Some questions you can ask in the best survey sites in Singapore are: how can the society deal with scarcity? How can the government address poverty and help low-income families? You can also ask about the primary causes of their costs, such as rent or housing, bills, transportation, etc.



Until now, Singaporeans stand on being conservative regarding gender issues, such as homosexuality, sexual intercourse between the same gender, and religion’s point of view on LGBTQ. It is one of the current social issues in Singaporethat remains being questioned today. It is one good topic to write about, as this is a controversial social issue in the country.

In your online surveys for money, you can include questions about discrimination in general. Ask about discrimination issues, such as social class, ethnic groups, gender, LGBTQ, religion, etc. You can ask questions like the following:

  • How can society and government end discrimination in Singapore?
  • What are the top 10 reasons for discrimination against LGBTQ?
  • What are the typical sexual-related stereotypes in society?
  • How can the government protect the rights of all the minorities affected by discrimination?


Another factor that severely affects society is the environment. Typically, when you answer the best survey sites in Singapore, you will see questions regarding environmental issues. If you want a broad topic to write on, you can use this topic. You can include questions about dealing with scarcity in resources, recyclability, electricity consumption, etc.

Also, since you will tackle the current social issues in Singapore, you can include factors affecting the environment in the country. For instance, the oil and gas industry, land resources, or meat and fish supplies.


Education never fails to be one of the leading causes of the current social issues in Singapore. The country has a high figure of citizens who are literate and educated. However, some still struggle. In 2020, around 283,000 citizens remain illiterate in English and other subjects. According to online surveys for money, the figure provided consists mostly of ages 15-64 years old.

In your research, you can bring up questions such as the following:

  • How can illiteracy affect the economy and the current state of the country?
  • What lessons and teaching techniques would help effectively educate people?
  • How can the Singaporean government fund the education of the less fortunate?
  • How can society avoid and stop education discrimination?

Education plays a vital role in any country. That is why aiming to find out and discover the answers to current social issues about education in Singapore.


Nowadays, people of all ages are so busy and fond of the world of social media. They would scroll on their social media accounts instead of being updated with the current happenings worldwide. Writing an academic paper that talks about and tackles deeper current social issues in Singaporecan help increase awareness among you and other people. This list can help you head start your reports and research. It can enlighten you with the reality of what’s happening in Singapore. Also, it can educate you on how these social issues affect the rest of the globe.

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