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Top 6 Facts About Betting on Video Games

Many people find it to be more exciting to watch live video games when they bet on the outcome. It turns out this is a huge industry will hundreds of millions of dollars involved. People can use special bookmaker’s sites to bet on Dota 2, CS GO, The Heroes of the Storm, and many other video games. Let’s learn to 10 things about betting on video games.

  1. One can bet on different games using different sites. Some sites are very general. They accept bets on sports, e-sports, etc. Some websites are dedicated to e-sports only or accept bets on one game. You can easily find a Dota 2 bet site and place your prediction for the upcoming tournament.
  2. There are lots of events covering video games. Some developers organize championships offering to play their game.
  3. There are bigger events that unite several games and leagues. For instance, the Electronic Sports World Cup, UMG Gaming, Evolution Championship, etc.
  4. The prize pools reach $20 million and more. Since there is a lot at stake, many amateurs and professionals like to watch the exciting live streams.
  5. In order to bet successfully on video games, it’s better to do some research. Learning about the scores, ratings, and teams are sure to help make better predictions.
  6. Just like in betting on sports, people don’t have to bet on the winning team only. Some websites offer a wide list of betting options that include point spread, over/under totals, special achievements, etc.

Before making a bet, a person should learn all the rules and make sure he can afford to lose that sum of money.