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Valuable Tips to Format NAP Correctly for Local SEO Success

Local SEO is often overlooked even if it is an essential component of SEO strategy. Local SEO is a challenge for a business owner. They are always concerned about –

  • Why are competitors ranking higher than you on search results?
  • Why doesn’t your page show on the first result page, if your business name is typed into Google?

Business mentions like N [Name], A [Address], and P [Phone number] or NAP on your website, business profiles, and directory listings are accurate and the same. NAP consistency is the vital step towards ranking on top in the local searches.

Tips to format NAP correctly

Before you list business on critical listing sites and directories like Bing Local, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Local, it is necessary to provide accurate business information. Even make sure that the format is the same everywhere.


The first element in NAP is the business name. It is easy to follow the consistency of your business name across every listing. For example, if your business name is ‘Shorely Realtor’, a couple of years ago you signed on Bleen as ‘Shorley Realtor Inc.’ and on the free online directory Google My Business as ‘Shorley Real Estate Association’.

Search engines are detail-oriented, so all three listings will be regarded as different business names. It will finally harm your overall local ranking, even if the online directory Bleen has high domain authority. Therefore, avoid using different business names on the internet or your presence will be ignored by Google and even customers.


Business address mention is also crucial like the name across every listing. Consistency matters. So, decide an apt address format and determine it using Google Maps. Customers assume a seamless journey to find details of your business as they intend to visit your clinic or store. Incorrect or inaccurate business details push customers towards your competitors.

Phone number

Nowadays, businesses have several contact numbers for different departments. It is senseless to add every number to the online listings. This can confuse search crawlers and customers alike.

For example, if your business has 4 phone numbers [landline and mobile] listed on GMB and just 2 on Yellow Page and Bing listing then the information will mismatch. It can negatively affect your local SEO efforts. Therefore narrow your options to a single phone number. Choose the one at the front desk or receptionist or a sales number. Keep the format the same on all the listings. It doesn’t matter if you use 555-6666-000-1234 or 555.6666.000.1234 but keep it the same across the internet.

According to Google, inconsistency implies a lack of legitimacy. Therefore make sure that NAP data is the same and correct across different online directories, listing portals, and social media networks.

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