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Various Glass and Screen Features That Make Your Home Exterior and Interior Look Great

Glass and screen features make spaces look great, be it on the house exterior parts or interior parts. Various glass designs have gotten made to enhance further the beauty of the various places the glasses get installed within the building. Home remodeling contractors incorporate glass features to surpass client expectations further and give them wonderful spaces. Hurt Glass and Screen provide quality installation, repair, and replacement of glass and screens within the DFW area with online products that enable people all over the country to benefit from custom-made, high-quality products. The various glass features that accentuate the home look include:

Custom shower enclosures

Shower enclosures come in different forms and styles according to the bathroom space and the client’s needs. Fiberglass window screen shower enclosures get made to fit any shower enclosure, thus eliminating the issue of space. Be it 90-degree enclosures, sliding doors, or installations that go with the tub; the custom windows enable you to get a good feel of the shower system. The shower enclosure plays a huge role in the whole bathroom look; thus, it needs to be top-notch to make the bathroom look great.

Custom tabletops

Glass top tables bring about some sense of taste and class within the building, whether at home or in the office. The fiberglass window screen custom tabletops enable you to uplift the office or dining room, among other places within the building. Clear or satin glass, corners, or rounded edges, the technicians have the right expertise to match most designs to meet your expectations. In addition, the custom-made tabletop glasses act as a perfect centerpiece within the room.


Mirror adds a great finishing touch to bedrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, among other areas. It all depends on the right fiberglass window screen mirror cut and design to meet the required specifications. Mirrors also enable you to separate different spaces within the room, achieving both beauty and great organization within the room.

Solar screens

Solar screens come in handy in the blockage of solar rays in unwanted places. The fiberglass window screen enables your home to remain cooler in the summer without blocking the refreshing breeze. The windows help in the reduction of the home HVAC costs making it a very useful feature. In addition, it impacts greatly on the home exterior beauty, making it stand out in the neighborhood.


There are various window designs that you could choose from for your home, depending on your window needs. The designs work greatly to make both the home interiors and exterior look exceptional. One of the major fiberglass window screen benefits is their energy-saving design which greatly lowers the costs within the house and provides a modern look. Different parts of the house require different kinds of windows that complement their beauty, given the difference in window size. For example, a window design that looks great on the patio might not look great in the living room area.