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What are the incredible ways to choose the best engagement ring?

Choosing an engagement ring has never been an easy affair as you need to be very careful while purchasing them. The jewelry market is adding new trends and designs which make it hard for the couples to conclude. Engagement is one of the most precious and special days of your life where you and your partner tie the knot for a happily ever after.  Besides this, you need to know that engagement rings are pricey and it occupies a considerable portion of your wedding budget, so it is essential to buy it in the right way.

If you are planning to buy lab diamond rings, this guide is for you. Whether you go out with your partner or choose to shop solo, this guide will help you out!

Know the 4Cs

One needs to learn the basics of jewelry to shop the best ring for your better half. There are certain global standards of accessing jewelry qualities which can be known as 4Cs. The 4Cs are a global standard on which you can set apart one diamond from the other. To sum up, 4Cs can be elaborated as- Color of the diamond, carat, cut and clarity. Now you need to understand which ‘C’ matters to you the most. 4C is the common lingo that portrays the excellence of diamonds. It enhances your poise to make a better purchase.

Understand the diamond shape, cut quality and styles

One has to understand the difference between shape, cut, and quality of diamonds. The shape is the outline of a diamond and the most popular shape is the round shape. Some of the other fancy shapes include heart, oval, rectangle, marquise, pear, and square. Cutting style is the style in which the facets are set. Some of the popular cuts are radiant and emerald cut. The cut quality is the quality of the polish on facets and how they interact with light.

Narrow down the choices on diamond shapes and cuts as it helps in buying the best ring. The most expensive cut is the round cut. However, if you are looking for affordable options, you should go for lab grown diamonds as they are 30% less expensive than the normal ones. It is impossible to settle on a choice without knowing the basics.

Choose a metal for the band

Metal is the main attraction as it speaks a volume about the overall appearance of the ring. For a long time, platinum and white gold have ruled the market because of its glossy and modern manifestation. These metals work well with colorless ranges of a diamond. The trending metal is the rose gold because of the soothing and warm hues and is the modern alternative for silver and yellow gold metals. Though silver and platinum resemble one another, the latter is expensive than the former due to its compactness.

All of these are sophisticated metals and therefore, it is essential to take care of them. Consider your budget and lifestyle before deciding on the metal.

Keep the size in mind-

Choosing the right size is the kicking off point in buying an engagement ring. Size matters the most because you can change the color or shapes but the size is constant. So you need to know the perfect size of your spouse. It is very embarrassing to gift your better half with a ring that doesn’t fit her finger properly. For example, the ring designs having a thin band will require a small ring size, whereas the designs with thicker bands will need one size bigger than the normal size. To sum up, an engagement ring should perfectly fit the fingers. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. The ring shouldn’t slide off easily. It should perfectly set on the base of your fingers.

Another best way is to take measurements of the ring fingers. Use old rings to correctly determine the size.

Rose gold channel setting lab diamond solitaire ring - TIDAN

Budget is important

It is ok if a person is unable to spend a huge lump sum amount all together on engagement rings. Feel free to spend whatever is possible for you. There is no need for breaking the wallet. Wedding dates are fixed at least one year in advance. So you should keep time in hand to make the right choice. Someone who is looking for a budget friendly option can choose lab-created as they are less expensive than the normal ones.

Choosing the right wedding band is mandatory

A ring without a band is like an animal without a tail. Your shopping for an engagement ring is incomplete without a band. Think about which band styles would perfectly suit the ring. The ring and the band should be perfectly paired up so that it doesn’t look incomplete or different. An engagement ring is the emblem of love so you cannot afford to go wrong with the purchase.

Buy certified stones

This is a very crucial point as it will determine the quality and price of the ring. Smart shopping is the key to make the best purchase. You should buy stones from certified laboratories in the country. When you purchase diamonds certified from other labs, there are high chances of fraud and deception. This is because the diamonds certified by other labs create an impression of providing attractive prices and deals. But in reality, they offer cheap and inferior-quality diamonds. So, it is mandatory to purchase certified stones from an endorsed lab.

However, you need to have some serious negotiating skills to get the best price. According to Michael Dobkin, the creator of Rosey West in New York explains that at times, the MRP of the rings is marked beyond their normal price range. At times, the prices are marked 500% higher than the original price.  Before shopping for an engagement ring, do your research thoroughly and try to negotiate for getting the right price. If you go to a shop with zero level knowledge, you have a pay a higher price. A reliable jeweler will work within the budget limit of the customer without making any compromise on the quality and craftsmanship. So, it is important to do good research and find the best jeweler for your wedding.