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  What are the Signs that Your Aircon Needs a Chemical Wash?

No one had predicted that people would be staying at home for a long time when the world entered the year 2020. While it has been a rollercoaster ride, you must learn to see the positive side of things. It will help condition your mind to focus on what you can do about your future despite the uncertainty.

You might be one of those people who had never noticed things at home because you are always out. Well, now that you have stayed in your home more than you used to spend outside, you notice things around you. One of the things you must have noticed is that your aircon unit is getting a bit dusty and leaks a lot more than you used to remember. It is a few of the many signs that you should give it a professional service for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore. However, you may still have uncertainty about what it needs.

Yes, you might not be confident in what you know about your aircon. Do not worry because not all homeowners do. When you experience this lack of knowledge, you can always rely on the internet for sources of information, and this article is the one you can use as your guide to know if you need to get your cooling unit serviced. What you will read below are the signs that you need to get your aircon to a service provider of aircon chemical overhaul. Read further to know the steps on what you should do to your unit.

Why-Are-People-Buying-Aircon-UnitsWhy Are People Buying Aircon Units?

It has been reported that people in Singapore use more air-conditioning than the countries in Southeast Asia. Many factors come into play with this information, and one of them is that the country has a naturally hot and humid climate all year round. Being near the equator, Singaporeans experience dry weather conditions. Of course, this causes them to feel uneasiness and discomfort, especially when they are inside the closed space of their homes.

It is the main reason why they get aircon—to enjoy the cooling relief from the breeze it produces. However, they also encounter the problems of increased electricity bills. It is an intensified problem now that the country is also affected by the pandemic. You might be one of the Singaporeans who stay at home for work, so you tend to turn on your aircon unit more. However, did you ever get it professionally cleaned through the chemical wash?

Signs-Your-Aircon-Unit-Needs-a-Chemical-WashSigns Your Aircon Unit Needs a Chemical Wash

If your answer to that previous question is a no, you might want to know the times you need to pay for an aircon chemical wash price in Singapore. Here are the signs that would tell you it is time:

Rise-of-your-electricity-billRise of your electricity bill

A family’s budget gets critical when most of it is spent on electricity. You might want to explore what is causing the increase in your electricity bill when it goes beyond your expectations. You should start looking at your aircon unit. Problems such as clogged pipes can increase the consumption of electricity of your aircon, but you can reduce that with a chemical cleaning service!

Water leaking

Several aircon unit owners think that leaking is normal. Well, it is not because it means you need to give your aircon a chemical wash. An aircon is not well-maintained if it is leaking because it indicates that there is dirt or even small insects getting into its water pipe causing it to leak. Once that happens, you must search for a cleaning service near you to prevent leakages.

Allergy triggers happen frequently

Do you have a son or a daughter who has allergies to dirt? If so, have they been having unexplained allergy flare-ups lately, such as sneezing or rashes? These may be caused by the air produced by your aircon. You must know that maintaining the cleanliness of your unit’s fan is crucial if you want it to release cleaner air. The good thing is that you can stop these frequent allergies with one chemical cleaning in Singapore!

You smell a bad odour when you turn on your aircon

Whether you live with a pet or not, you will know a bad smell when you smell it. When you discover that it is coming from your air-conditioner, it may be a sign that there are dead insects in the ducts and pipes. You might be tempted to buy a new one, but you will get to save more for a chemical overhaul price from Singapore aircon cleaning companies!

Do not waste your money buying aerosol sprays or air fresheners because a simple chemical cleaning can eliminate it immediately.

It goes on and off randomly

No, there are no ghosts in your home. Your aircon is malfunctioning that is why it turns off or on automatically even when you did not set a timer for it. Aircons that malfunction is one of the signs that it needs general servicing and a chemical wash. With these, a technician can detect and solve the problem of your unit. In no time, you would get to enjoy your aircon without getting scared of its random switches.

If you see that your aircon does one or more of these signs, you should take it to a reliable aircon service company. They will help your unit regain its efficient function after service so you can enjoy cleaner and cooler indoor air quality!

Benefits-of-a-Clean-Aircon-UnitBenefits of a Clean Aircon Unit

What if you discover that to get cleaner air, all you need to do is to clean your aircon unit? Is your instinct to get them the cleaning service? To help you further with your decision-making, here are plenty more benefits of having clean aircon:

Your-air-gets-filtered-Extend-the-lifespan-of-your-aircon-Improve-aircon-s-efficiencyYour air gets filtered

Even when you are surrounded by walls, there will always be dirt and other particles that are already in your midst. What your clean aircon can do is filter these particles and release clean air. The longer your aircon is on the cleaner the air that is circulating inside of your home. As much as you will like having cool and clean air indoors, you do not want to have a heart attack when you receive your electricity bill.

When your home has air conditioners, you must know that some models are meant to be ‘ON’ all day because once they cooled the rooms, they will use lesser and lesser workload. Hence, you would pay less than turning them ‘ON’ during peak temperatures of the day since they would use more energy to cool your place.

Extend the lifespan of your aircon

Every time you get a service for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore, you are giving it more years to live. Getting this service not only cleans your unit, but a good technician would also examine the parts and tell you which of them needs to be replaced or repaired. You must know that upkeep your aircon unit will make them good as new, too. With a longer lifespan, you and your family can enjoy clean air and cool temperatures!

Improve aircon’s efficiency

Several owners of aircon units are unaware of the reason why their units underperform or get slower in releasing cool air is that their filters are clogged and dirty. Thus, the normal flow is impeded, but it still works hard to provide you with cool air. You might be one of those owners. What you must know is that your units get stress and pressure, too. However, you can help alleviate them from stress and pressure by getting them professionally cleaned.

Skilful technicians have in-depth knowledge of many aircon units and brands. They will know what to do to help your unit regain its efficient performance. Whether the problem is with your unit’s dusty evaporator coil or its frequent ice build-ups, trust that they can determine what is causing its underperformance and improve the efficiency to cool your home!

What-to-Look-for-in-a-Cleaning-Service-ProviderWhat to Look for in a Cleaning Service Provider?

The last thing you want to do with your investment is to leave it in a dirty state. Neglecting and avoiding addressing your unit’s problems will eventually lead to bigger problems and costly replacements. If you want to keep enjoying the clean and cool air that your aircon provides for you and your family, you should take it to a cleaning service provider!

In your search, many will claim that they are the best in the industry. You may get overwhelmed with the several companies that you will encounter. To help you determine which of them are right for what your unit needs, here are the qualities that you should see in them:


Years in the industry

The phrase “age is just a number” is not applicable in the business world. Instead, the age of a company means more than a number. It means that several people trust them and stay loyal to them because they give quality service. While other people may argue that a young company can do what veterans do, the latter still have more experience of resolving conflicts with clients because they have worked with many of them.

You would want to look at the years of service of an aircon cleaning company before the aircon chemical wash price in Singapore that they offer. It will help you determine if they can justify the price that they set for their services.

Positive feedback from clients

Did your friend recommend the aircon cleaning company that you are looking into right now? What did they tell you about their service? Listen to what they said about the technician who was responsible for their aircon chemical overhaul service. If they do not mind, you should also ask them specific questions about their experience. Was their scheduling on time? Did they answer their questions, or did they advise on how to treat their unit after the cleaning service? These questions will help you measure how good the service you plan on getting.

If you did not get recommendations from your family and friends, you can rely on the testimonials of other clients about the service they received from an aircon cleaning service company. Usually, these companies will dedicate a page on their website for prospective clients, you, to see and prove that they are reliable and give quality service.

Wide range of services they offer

Not only will it be convenient for you to have a one-stop-shop for your aircon servicing needs, but it will also save you time and money. Imagine the length of time you spent searching for a company that offers an aircon chemical wash and looking for another company to give you general aircon servicing. It could have been spent with your family!

With a one-stop-shop, you could also save money because the farther you are away from their office, the more you have to spend on shipping or transportation. When you find a service provider near you, offers a range of aircon services and gives you reasonable prices, it will be the best choice for you! LK Brothers offer a wide range of aircon services from chemical wash to troubleshooting.

A-Clean-Indoor-Air-with-Yong-He-AirconDo You Want Clean Indoor Air? You Should Get an Aircon Chemical Overhaul from Yong He Aircon!

You might have noticed the decrease in the number of rains that you are experiencing in Singapore. As the country enters May, you can expect to feel drier in the succeeding days because the sun heats more strongly. While the world is still in the state of a pandemic, you might be staying in your home more than on your local beaches. It would not be all that bad if you have a cooling system.

The service of Yong He Aircon for aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore is what you will need to help your cooling unit stay efficient to give you comfort from the increasing heat in your home. You can get:

  • General aircon servicing
  • Yearly contract servicing
  • Aircon chemical cleaning
  • Checking and troubleshooting

Let them be your one-stop shop to give your aircon the best service that it needs!

If you want to learn more about the brands that they can service, you can check them out on their website. Send them a message if you need their specialised service today!