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What are the Types of Agricultural Farm Structures?

These are frameworks utilized for managing livestock throughout numerous routine monitoring practices or for housing the animals.

They include dips, crushes, spray race, milk shed/parlor, and many more.

  • Crushes

These are used for limiting a pet when performing certain livestock routine techniques, such as splashing and bleeding.

Crushes have a holding lawn as well as consist of a headrail as well as a straight split that enables easy accessibility sideways of the animals’ body.

The upright and straight bars aid in taking care of the animals’ heads during dehorning.

The little bar at the entry holds an animal.

There is an open entrance at the front of the crush to enable the exit of the pet.

  • Dips

It is a ranch framework made to fit a dip in which pets are immersed to control ticks.

  • Spray race

This is a framework used for tick control.

Its major principle of operation is the bathing of animals with an acaricide rather than immersion. Animals go through a constrained location (race) where a pipeline system with several nozzles, generally 20-30, are fitted at particular periods and at particular angles.

The animals are made wet as they go through the size of the race with dip-wash sprays coming from the nozzles.

The nozzles are positioned at tactical places on the side, floor, and overhead pipelines, and such angles that the animal splashes from all sides.

The wash is drawn from a tank beside the race with a centrifugal pump driven by an engine or tractor and is circulated under pressure through the piping to the nozzles.

  • Dairy shed/parlor

A dairy shed belongs to the milking device that is utilized during milking.

It consists of the following parts:

  • Night color.
  • A calf bone pen which should be fitted with a feed as well as a water trough.
  • A feeding as well as watering area.
  • The milking sections.
  • A feed, as well as equipment store.

There are many more farm structures available. But remember that for a strong farm shelter, you need to build a farm shed, and it should be tough.