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What do you need to know about food packaging?

Having the right food packaging can be crucial when running a food business. If you’ve ever been confused about Catering packaging, do not fret! We will share some of the most vital things you need to know.

A few easy tips can help you safely package your food:

  • Food Packaging uses different materials

The materials used in food packaging are varied and depend on the type of product inside the package. Plastic, cardboard, paper, aluminium and glass are the most commonly used materials. Some common items that these types of packaging can be seen on include food cans, bottles, cartons and jars.

  • Food Packaging often includes preservatives

Sometimes, preservatives are added to the ingredients to prevent spoilage and increase shelf life. These might be natural preservatives like salt or vinegar, artificial sodium benzoate, or sorbic acid. These chemicals depend on various factors, including country regulations and consumer preferences.

  • Packaging protects the quality of the food inside

All foods decay or spoil, but some foods spoil faster than others. Packaging helps slow down this process by keeping air, moisture, light and bacteria away from the food. It also keeps strong odours and tastes away from other foods.

  • Use Light-weight Packages

Packages that are thinner or lighter weight use less material and reduce transportation costs because there is less material to transport, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today, many packages are designed to be recycled or reusable rather than thrown away after one use.


Packaging is a critical aspect of food distribution, and designing new packaging for new companies is an equally critical aspect of marketing. You can serve up your food in style by getting Catering packaging that is suitable for what you need to use it for.