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What Does Science Prove About Using CBD for Sciatica

Sciatica or sciatic pain occurs when the body’s sciatic nerve is aggravated, resulting in intense pain. The sciatic nerve is located along the lower back, extending down to the legs and the causes of pain can be bone spurs along the spine or herniated discs. Those with diabetes and obesity or a sedentary lifestyle have more significant risks of pain. 

Over the counter drugs are hardly effective against sciatica, so it is essential to look at alternative medicines for pain management. Scientific studies have shown that CBD for sciatica can provide mildly positive results against sciatica. 

What Have Recent Studies Concluded About The Effects Of CBD On Sciatica?

There haven’t been many studies about sciatica and CBD, but lately, some data has emerged about this matter. Some recent studies have concluded that CBD can offer modest pain relief against certain types of nerve-related, including sciatica. 

A 2019 study was conducted by the Washington University on mice suffering from sciatic nerve injuries. The study, published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, concluded some pain reduction after the mice were treated with CBD. 

The mice consumed CBD gummies, just like a human would. However, since there is a considerable difference between the sciatic nerve model of mice and humans, extensive studies will have to be conducted in the future for more concrete results. 


What Do Patients Have To Say About The Effects Of CBD On Sciatica?

Those who have tried CBD have found it quite useful for pain management, including sciatica, without relying on over the counter medicines. A patient writing in Huffington Post has opined that using CBD for sciatica regularly for massages helped her gain relief from sciatic pain which had resulted from sitting in long hours bound to her desk for work. The combination of a good massage and the CBD oil could have both resulted in pain reduction. 

Is There Sufficient Evidence To Show CBD Is Effective Against Sciatica?

There haven’t been a lot of studies claiming CBD is effective against sciatica. However, there is no word to the contrary, and one cannot say that it isn’t. Many alternative medicine practitioners have claimed that CBD has helped with inflammation and pain, including those caused by sciatica, especially the full-spectrum variety. 

CBD has been effective in treating many kinds of neuropathic pain. According to Legacy Research Institute researchers in Portland, CBD can be mildly effective against sciatica, but it would be wrong to say that it would improve the condition. At best, it would provide temporary relief for a few hours at a stretch. 

Bottom Line

At this stage, one should use CBD sparingly for treating sciatica, and at the same time, undergo physical therapy to reduce the intensity of sciatic pain. Besides, it would help if you also made changes to your lifestyle to eliminate triggers which might aggravate your pain. The combined effects of CBD for sciatica and therapy could result in considerable pain reduction. However, you should consult a doctor about the dosage and method of CBD administration for your condition.