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  What is Aircon Service and Why Do You Need It?

When summer approaches and you feel the heat, you can only think of turning on your AC. However, how sure are you that it doesn’t need an aircon service?

A well-maintained air conditioner increases effectiveness by running more efficiently and lasting longer. Commercial and residential properties can benefit from air servicing in Singapore, including everything from system design and installation to routine maintenance and repair.

It helps prevent health problems, improve indoor air quality, and avoid serious malfunctions. To learn more about this, here’s a guide to help you.

How does aircon servicing work?

It is vital to perform upkeep and service to keep your air conditioner running at its peak efficiency. With time, dirt and other harmful elements will collect up in the air conditioning machine, likely influencing its functionality.

Aircon troubleshooting in Singapore is common, especially if you fail to keep it running. When it comes to your air conditioner, you have a variety of alternatives to choose from.

A typical aircon general servicing procedure includes removing the cover, front panel, and air filter for washing. Technicians will also vacuum the unit’s drainage system to remove any particles that could impair the air conditioner’s operation.

One of the services you can choose is aircon chemical washing in Singapore. It is an ideal option if you haven’t had an AC cleaning for some time and your air conditioner is running in an atmosphere with a lot of debris or dirt. It can help remove the most stubborn dirt and oil since it flushes to its total capacity during this procedure, which involves disassembling the machine.

What to expect in an aircon service?


1. Make sure you breathe clean air

When you call for aircon service in Singapore, the technician will use water to wash the filters and both interior and exterior panels. It will help you breathe cleaner air since they remove everything accumulated while using it.

2. Use tested chemical solutions

Aircon service experts employ laboratory-tested and recognised solutions to remove bacteria and debris. They can wash the evaporator coil, compressor wheel, and fan coils.

3. Refill the system

When you call for a professional aircon general servicing, they deal with the loss of gas. In addition to thoroughly inspecting the compressor and condenser, the service technicians will drain and recharge the system and perform other maintenance tasks to ensure everything is working as it should before leaving.

4. Flush pipes

A white PVC or copper pipe on the outside unit serves as the end of your drainage system. Experts flush the drain piper to remove any debris. In addition, they do system dehumidification. As a result, the air will be cleaner and better for you and your loved ones.

5. Check for damages

ACs are also prone to wear and tear. Experts in aircon troubleshooting in Singapore will assess all parts to see if there is any part that needs replacement. A thorough cleaning of the exterior and interior of the system will ensure its smooth operation and proper functioning.

What are the signs of a troubleshooting aircon?


1. It doesn’t work

If you’re having trouble starting your air conditioner, make sure it’s plugged in correctly and check the blown fuse. If the fuse appears to be okay, the issue may be with the wrong wiring. There may be a wiring issue preventing the system from receiving electricity. There may be an issue with the compressor or the motor, and you should seek aircon servicing in Singapore.

2. Cooling isn’t sufficient

An aircon’s purpose is to cool your room or your building. However, if it won’t work, you may need to call an aircon service provider. This problem could be dirty evaporator coils and filters or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Low refrigerant levels may be to blame if your facility isn’t cooling correctly or the air feels sticky. Unfortunately, even if your AC expert discovers a leak during the troubleshooting procedure, it’s usually not merely a matter of recharging the system. Frequently needing oil is a sign of a more serious issue.

3. Making strange noises

Some ACs produce noises because they are old, but some can also mean that there is something wrong inside. If your air conditioner makes a lot of noise when operating, it may be time for professional aircon general servicing. Dirty evaporator coils, defective motors, or loosened internal parts can contribute to excessive noise.

4. Leakages or grimy pipes

The air flowing through your ducts isn’t moving if you’re noticing rooms that are cool and others that are warm. No matter how well-sealed your central air conditioning system appears, the ductwork that connects it to the outside world can develop tears over time.

Air duct leaks can cause the house to become hotter, resulting in higher energy costs and more wear and tear on the heating and cooling systems. Consider calling for professionals in aircon troubleshooting in Singapore.

How to look for the right aircon service provider?


It will help if you keep a few things in mind when looking for a company that provides professional aircon general servicing.

Customer evaluations and ratings are helpful in these cases, but you may also rely on the service provider’s past work history. You can tell a lot about the degree of experience a service provider offers just by looking at their portfolio. Whenever possible, go for an air conditioning service firm with experience working with various air conditioning systems, including residential and commercial ones.

If you want the problem solved quickly and effectively, ensure they offer aircon chemical washing in Singapore.

Is it time for aircon service in Singapore?

Your air conditioner will run more efficiently and generate the coolest air if you get it checked, cleaned, and repaired regularly. Without aircon service, you may miss out on potential problems before they become serious.

Aside from this, you can save a lot of money if you have problems diagnosed and corrected early on. Repairing minor issues is less expensive than fixing large ones as it uses less electricity.

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