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What To Do with a Private Pilot Certificate

Should you get your private pilot lessons? After online aviation training, you might wonder about the privileges of a private pilot certificate and if it is the best option for you. You might not be able to earn as a private pilot, but it will enrich your life. Below are some activities you can perform with a private pilot certificate.

Take Others Flying

Once you earn your private pilot certificate, you can share the wonderful flying experience with your family and friends. In addition, you can take passengers on your flight as long as you don’t receive payment for it.

Become a Teacher

You can share your love for flying with others by giving lessons with your certificate. Once you pass the many tests required, you can obtain your ground instructor certificate that allows you to teach ground school classes like online aviation training.

Visit Several Countries

This certificate also allows you to fly to other countries as long as you know and adhere to the rules of your destination. For example, some countries require you to fly with an instructor. However, many countries allow you to rent a plane and begin to cruise the air. 

Take Business Trips 

Your private pilot license allows you to travel around for work by plane. So rather than drive everywhere or spend a lot of time at the airport waiting for your flight, you can rent a plane and fly to your business destination. Luckily most of the costs are tax-deductible as travel expenses. 


As a private pilot, you can’t receive payment for your services. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot volunteer for search and rescue flights, charity events, or disaster relief. Most charity organizations use private pilots for disaster observation, delivery of relief supplies, and fire spotting. Therefore, your certificate allows you to help out in the world. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t want to earn a living as a pilot, there are many activities you can carry out with a private pilot license. When you complete your online aviation training and opt for the private pilot route, these opportunities are open to you. But, more importantly, this certificate allows you to take to the sky whenever you want with no restrictions.