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What You Need To Know About Family And Criminal Lawyers


Family law in Singapore plays a part when it comes to making a family tight. However, some couples would experience difficult phases in their marriage and family life, where some problems get out of hand. Sadly, they need to separate for their good and the good of their children.

Here are some family concerns that need the help and attention of a family lawyer in Singapore:


Divorce is the most common family concern that they handle. A family lawyer would determine the legal grounds before filing, so you would know how to face it. The legal grounds when filing a divorce are:

  • No-fault divorce – this legal ground does not blame the other party for the separation. However, they still choose to end the marriage because of unresolved differences, fall out of love or lost affection for each other.
  • Fault-based divorce – it is the known legal ground. The reason for the divorce is because of the wrongdoings of the partner that keep on getting worse. Some of them are:
  • Drug usage
  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Domestic violence

Divorce is known to many as the ending of marriage. But, there are more in it that people need to understand, especially if divorce is the only solution they have for their family. If you are experiencing issues in your family, you could always get the help of a family lawyer and know more about family law.


The separation of a couple could affect the custody of their children, especially if they are still minors. But, a family lawyer will also help you in a child custody case. They will help you know everything about parental authority, arrangement, and guardianship.


Contact a family lawyer in Singapore if you need a legal document for your properties. The lawyer will do the document drafts and everything you need in transferring your property. The family lawyer will also ensure that the people involved follow the details of the will.


A family lawyer represents the family to settle issues that need the attention of the court. If you need one, look for someone knowledgeable in family law.


Legal separation is different from divorce. It is for couples who want to keep their family for their children. Sometimes, religious belief is a reason why couples choose legal separation over divorce.


Some couples choose to adopt, especially if they are incapable of having one. A family lawyer will help in processing the adoption to make the child theirs.

If you have any legal concerns that have something to do with family, do not hesitate to get the help of a family lawyer in Singapore. They will help you understand the things that you need to know so you can fight.



Aside from being a family lawyer, being a criminal lawyer in Singapore is one of the hardest things a person could do. They must be strong and willing to make everything lined into their path, especially if it has something to do with the justice system. You will need someone to represent you in court that is knowledgeable and skilled in the field.

Here are the things that you need to look for in a criminal lawyer:


Find a criminal lawyer who gives attention to details, whether big or small. Your statement will be their basis to look at every possible angle regarding your case and notice anything that could lead you to lose.


It is hard to talk with anyone, especially if you feel down on what is happening to you. Look for a criminal lawyer who listens to you and what you discuss. Make them know why you need their guidance and help.

Aside from being a client, you should also see how the criminal lawyer talks to the judge and if they listen. This strategy could be to your advantage as long as the lawyer will know how to use it.


A criminal law firm in Singapore must have experienced lawyers to represent their clients, even inside or outside the court. An experienced criminal lawyer will know how to win while seeing the possibilities of losing. This way, they would know the appropriate steps needed, so the case will not go that way.

Observe your lawyer at your first meeting, as it gives impressions on how they could help you in your case.


Being in court or having a case gives people thoughts that they are not familiar with. You need to find a criminal lawyer who could understand your situation and help you suppress your emotions, and be strong in facing the challenges.


A criminal lawyer spends a lot of time researching more about the case and looking for all the angles you could use as an advantage and things that could go against you. If it happens, they would investigate further and discuss it with you.

Their investigative skills are common for people who need a personal protection order in Singapore. It is helpful to give justice and protection for victims of abuse, threat, and harassment.


Every criminal lawyer has connections to different legal communities like judges or the prosecutor. But to have a link, they need to have a reputation in the field.


Analytical skills are one of the things that you need to look for in a criminal lawyer. Having this skill could be an advantage to you, like making terms, arguments, and challenges for your defence.

Looking for a criminal law firm is easy, but you need to ensure their work, how they do it, and their integrity. A criminal lawyer could help you in any way possible, but you need to cooperate with them to make the partnership work.

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