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What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Fruit Tree For Your Garden

An increasing number of us are taking a serious interest in the environment. As a result. we are planting more trees than ever before. But, what do you need to know if you are new to growing trees? For instance, should you buy fruit trees or go for ornamental trees? 

Fruit Producing Trees Are Great

Fruit producing trees help and support the environment just as much as ornamental trees. Despite what you may have heard, fruiting trees are not difficult to grow. Plenty of information is available online and from growers. Most growers are passionate about their trees and love to share their knowledge. 

Before you go ahead and contact a grower, it is a good idea to check out a few things. The grower is likely to ask you how much space you have for fruit trees, what direction your garden is facing and if you have previous experience of growing trees. 

Yes, it is true. There are some trees that are more “user-friendly” than others. 

What Tree Should I Choose? 

Have you ever heard of crab apple trees for sale? Once, crab apples were found in every hedgerow around the British isles. Sadly, many hedgerows have been removed and we have lost thousands of precious plants including the crab apple. 

When you are looking or a tree for your garden which is relatively no fuss, you should look out for crab apple trees for sale. They are one of the hardiest fruit producing trees and are easy to look for newbies as well as experienced tree growers. 

Crab Apples Are Delicious

Not only are crab apples delicious, but they are popular with furry critters as well as our feathered friends. If you don’t feel like eating your crop, you can always let the local wildlife enjoy it. 

There is something special about crab apples and they are loved by wildlife. You can either leave them on the tree or take them to where you know they are going to be appreciated. Traditionally, pigs were fed on crab apples and many say the meat which was produced was especially delicious. 

You can also make jams and chutneys out of crab apples. 

Do They Flower? 

The answer to that question is yes. Your crab apple tree is going to produce beautiful scented flowers that will last longer when compared to other varieties of apples. 

This is the one tree that will bring a steady stream of pollinators to your garden. Before you know it, you will want to sit under your tree enjoying the sound of busy bees and singing birds. Why not place it close to your kitchen window so that you can smell the blooms and listen to the life in your tree? 

If your local garden centre does not sell crab apples, you should check out online sellers. Many online sellers rally do love their trees and like to share their know-how. If you have a problem with your tree, you will find that the answer is often just a phone call away. Overall, buying British trees online is a fantastic idea.