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When Do You Need a Liver MRI Scan?

Your doctor might have recommended an MRI scan if you have ever walked into a hospital with serious injuries or pain near your vital organs.

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a test that allows doctors to observe your body closely and diagnose problems. They can also monitor the progress of your treatments with an MRI scan in Schenectady, NY.

However, you might have been asked to take a liver scan when you walked in with concerns about losing appetite. Now you are worried about if it is necessary and what could be the possible results.

This article helps you answer these stressful questions and put your mind at ease about your situation.

Understanding Your Liver

Located above your stomach, your liver filters all the toxins in your body. Moreover, it is the most resilient organ in the human body. This is because your liver can completely regenerate using only one-quarter of its original tissues.

So, when your liver faces any problems, it starts dealing with them independently. By the time you realize the symptoms, the problem has usually progressed into a severe state.

Therefore, you should go to your nearest Schenectady doctor for the first signs of pain or discomfort. An MRI scan makes early diagnosis possible and allows you to make a full recovery.

What Can a Liver MRI Scan Schenectady NY detect?

Liver disease is the second most fatal type of digestive disease in the US. However, if detected in time, it can be cured completely. An MRI scan is the most sensitive way of detecting active liver diseases.

There are no specific requirements to prepare for a liver MRI. If your doctor suggests some precautions, follow them. Also, if you have any allergies to food, medication, iodine, or dyes, notify your doctor before the scan.

You will be injected with an IV around half an hour before the scan. The MRI itself will take between 10-30 minutes.

Here are some problems your doctor can diagnose with an MRI.

  • Hepatitis – Liver inflammation
  • Hemochromatosis – Liver poisoning due to excess iron
  • Fatty Liver Disease – Fat build-up in your liver
  • Liver Cirrhosis – Chronic liver damage caused by scarring and other liver diseases
  • Benign Tumours – An abnormal clump of blood vessels
  • Cancerous Tumours – Rare but can spread to other organs if undiagnosed

When Do You Need a Liver MRI Scan?

It is important to remember not to ignore any symptoms that could point to liver disease. A doctor’s visit for an innocent symptom can possibly predict liver disease and help treat it in time.

Here are the symptoms you need to look out for.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Swelling of abdomen and legs due to fluid build-up
  • Jaundice
  • Darkening of Urine
  • Itchy Skin

Your doctor in New York will first suggest a blood test. This could either be a regular or an elective test. One of these test categories, the Liver Function Tests, checks for some enzymes and proteins in your body that hints at the state of your liver.

Any abnormal test results will prompt your doctor to order an MRI scan and perform a detailed diagnosis.

A timely liver scan can help you sidestep any serious problems. Do not hesitate to go to the doctor for any symptoms. Plus, you might even be able to avoid surgery if your problem is detected early in an MRI scan in Schenectady, NY.

So, there is no need to be afraid of MRIs. Your doctor can order one for various reasons. Moreover, they are the best-advanced technology that helps your treatment journey start on the right track.