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Where is it more profitable to buy sportswear and Steroids?

“Sportswear. From the beginnings to the present day ”- find out how sportswear has changed from the moment sport came to the present day.

Sportswear is an important part of the training process, which can improve or worsen your results. Sportswear can be divided into 2 classes:

First-class sportswear. Accessories that have the greatest impact on your results.

Sportswear of the second class. Equipment that does not affect the training and competition process, or has a minimal impact.

We share sportswear as necessary, and on this basis we build our sports budget.

Set goals

Before you buy sportswear, decide on the goals that this equipment will perform.

Example: your goal is speed training in winter. You intend to train on the street. This means that for full training you need to buy:

Comfortable, high-quality sneakers. Sneakers should be light, high quality and warm at the same time. You do not need to save on the quality of shoes. The avaricious pays twice: cheap shoes quickly wear out under the influence of loads, and therefore, in terms of months of training, the cost of cheap shoes will exceed the cost of one pair of cool sneakers. Cheap models can cause some inconvenience, which directly affects the quality of your workouts.

Thermal underwear, which also should not be saved. High-quality Steroids by Ger-Roids.net allows you to focus on the training process, and not on the feeling of cold and friction on the skin.

Insulated, not too heavy jacket. We look at the price-quality ratio, select the model according to reviews. We do not pursue high cost, but do not neglect quality.

Sweatpants, sweaters and everything that you put on yourself, depending on the weather. Italian sweatpants for 10,000 rubles allow you to run with the same speed and comfort as pants for 250 rubles. This equipment does not affect the result and almost does not affect comfort. You can save on it.

Gloves, hat and bottle for water. Gloves for 5000 rubles are heated in the same way as a similar model in design for 300 rubles.

You can also save on this category of goods.

Before buying sportswear

clothes, make a list of the necessary goods, prioritize in the same way as we did, and compare the estimated costs with the budget.

This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your purchases.

How to choose sportswear? Main criteria

Before buying sportswear, pay attention to the following criteria:

Matching your goals. Adidas Original sneakers can be high-quality, expensive and attract you with their appearance, but special jogging, lightweight sneakers are much better for running. Other models of sneakers are better suited for climbing, and if you give preference to running sneakers, then your trip to the mountains can end in disaster.

Price-quality ratio. The ratio of materials and comfort that these fabrics provide with the cost of shoes.

Reviews about the purchased model. Reviews of each shoe model can be found on the pages of domestic online stores or on international sites like Amazon. com.

Brand Large companies are interested in maintaining their reputation, and also use the best technology to produce the highest quality shoes. We look at the brand last, as you will have to pay a lot more for additional reliability.

Personal preferences. Sympathy or antipathy for your sportswear affects your attitude to training.

This algorithm is relevant when choosing any sportswear.

Where to buy sportswear?

Buying sportswear is more challenging than purchasing sportswear. There are 3 main places to purchase sportswear:

Sports equipment and clothing stores. “Sportsmaster”, “Megasport”, “Adidas” are large chain stores in which you can purchase high-quality sportswear.

Sportswear in large stores is a bargain for the following reasons:

Large networks work only with well-known brands. The quality of the goods is maintained at the highest possible level.

You can try on clothes, choose the thing that “sits” on you best.

In large chain stores there is a consultant who will help determine the choice of goods.

There are significant disadvantages:

Sky-high prices. The maintenance of a large store (rent, staff salary, purchase of expensive goods) and the desire to make a substantial profit on each product sold increases the cost of sportswear several times.

Equipment selection is limited. Even the largest store cannot place the entire range of sporting goods on its shelves.

Online store.

The purchase of sportswear in the online store has its advantages:

Low price. Sportswear in the online store will significantly save your money. The content of the online store costs less, and sellers do not seek extra profits due to high competition. In the online store you can purchase goods of the highest quality at the lowest price.

Wide range of. The assortment of a large online store is much wider than the choice in a large online store. On the net you can find any shoes or clothes you are interested in and make an order in 5 minutes.

Choice without pressure. Many sports stores “plant” consultants for a percentage of sales. The consultant turns into a marketer who seeks to “bring” you a product that is beneficial to him, and not to you.

There are also disadvantages:

Lack of control over online stores. Sportswear in the online store can be either a super-high-quality original or a low-quality fake. The buyer may stumble upon a cheater who sells “branded products” sewn at the local “factory” in some abandoned basement. Cheating can be avoided. Before creating an order, pay attention to:

  • – Availability of reviews. The more satisfied customers responded to the work of this online store, the more likely it is that you will be the next satisfied customer.
  • -The opportunity to make a mistake with the size. The network has many tables by which you can determine the size of clothes without trying on. But you can make a mistake and choose a product of the wrong size. In this case, the goods will have to be returned and wait for the delivery of clothing of the appropriate size. You do not lose money, but 2-3 days of waiting can slightly worsen the impression of a purchase.

Awaiting Delivery From the time of order to receipt of goods usually takes from 1 to 3 days.


  • Sportswear bought on the market has the following advantages:
  • Low price. Minimum rent, illegal (often) employment, bulk orders and the purchase of fake goods reduce market prices to a minimum.
  • Big choice. In the market, you may not find the right model of shoes or clothes. The range is narrower than in the online store, but much wider than in large retail chains.
  • We highlight the main disadvantages:
  • Low quality. No one can guarantee you that the unique “Adidas” sneakers that you were lucky to purchase at a “promotional price” will not fall apart after 2 weeks.
  • Fake brands. Products of famous brands on the market are 2-4 times cheaper than the original, the cost of which still needs to be added transportation from overseas. The problem is not so much that the “Italian jeans” were sewn at an abandoned factory in the Moscow Region, but that the manufacturer used low-quality material, on which Soviet equipment from the time of Joseph Stalin worked.

Where is it more profitable to buy sportswear?

Choosing sportswear with a limited budget is usually done in three ways:

  • The acquisition of the highest quality product without cost savings.
  • The acquisition of low-quality goods with maximum savings.
  • Search for the best price-quality ratio.

As part of our example, you can refuse to purchase some products for the purpose of saving. If it is not too cold in your latitudes, then the insulated tracksuit can be deleted from the list of necessary goods. Sports socks can be replaced with conventional ones, and gloves can be discarded. It all depends on the conditions in which you plan to engage.

The most profitable option in the long run is an online store. If there are bundles of dollar bills in your pocket, give preference to the online store.

Sportswear is a factor that determines the outcome of your work. Do not save on the most important accessories. In our example, these are sneakers.

Lack of money is no excuse!

“How expensive it is! I don’t have money for sneakers ”- this is not an excuse for inaction. Sportswear, like sports equipment, is a tool that makes sports easier and makes physical development more accessible. But if you have a choice: buy sportswear later, when there is money, and only then start playing sports, or start training without special equipment now, – choose the second. In the absence of funds for the purchase of equipment, proceed as follows right now:

Use the inventory that you already have. Almost everyone will find old sneakers or sneakers. Warm clothes that will keep you warm during your workout or jogging, too. These clothes may not be too comfortable, but in this case you start to train now, which significantly speeds up the achievement of the tasks.

Do not look for excuses. We have repeatedly seen comments in the style of “I don’t have suitable (!) Sneakers, so I won’t run” – this is rationalization, a self-deception of the brain that does not want to fight laziness. These comments were left by people who have sportswear that is slightly inappropriate for the criteria of the chosen sport. If you have shoes without heels and any more or less warm clothes – you are ready to train today. The rest is self-deception.

Buy the essentials. Calculate your budget. Look for things that you can pull right now. Example: running shoes are the most necessary accessory for running. Then (for girls) – a sports top. Everything else, at first, can be assembled from the available clothing.

Take classes home. In the event that there is minus 40 outside the window, and there is no suitable clothing for such weather, or you find yourself another excuse, transfer the training to home conditions. Jogging can be replaced by jogging in place or jumping rope. To run and jump rope, you can add other exercises with your own body weight. Push-ups, squats and many other exercises can be performed regardless of the availability of any equipment.

Reconsider your worldview. If there is no reason to “take off” from business, but you still cannot start, it is possible that there are “anchors” in your mind or subconscious that you need to get rid of. Do not blame yourself for this. Focus on actions to fix the problem instead of self-flagellation.

Look for motivation. Work on the motivational sphere can make you run without a “top” at minus 20, get incredible sensations from this and not get sick, but significantly strengthen your immunity. A motivated person is looking for a means of solving the problem. Unmotivated – the reasons why the problem cannot be solved.

Work on the hormonal system. The lack of the necessary amount of anabolic hormones is one of the reasons that makes a man sit out all his life on the couch and a woman abandon her appearance and start reading “empty” magazines. Remember how interesting the world was in childhood. When running around the gazebo was so interesting that now such interest cannot even cause a parachute jump or watching a match of your favorite team. If you want to return to this state, study the work of the hormonal system at the above link.

Can’t start your workouts yourself? Try folk or team sports. These events, through the release of hormones of pleasure and happiness, allow you to create a positive attitude towards sports. You will make new acquaintances, strengthen existing relationships with family and friends. As part of team sport, you can find a sports girl who was hunted by readers of the same section of our site. Folk or team sport is a great way to start for lazy people and lazy people who are looking for excuses.

Healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle affect the hormonal background and worldview, which affects the motivational sphere and leads to the desire to play sports. You stop receiving hormones of happiness from false pleasures, which makes the brain switch to new, correct hobbies. More details are in the links above.

You can start training with simple fitness exercises that are available to perform at home. This will allow you to adapt to a new lifestyle, get used to training and not over-train.

Cool sportswear is a way to increase the productivity of your workouts and make them more enjoyable and positive. But the lack of necessary equipment is not an excuse for refusing training.