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Where to Stay & What to Do in Lombok

Lombok‘s natural attractiveness crosses throughout its overland area, with fertile rainforests surrounding the Senaru Rinjani National Park. Its centrepiece is its own Segara Anak crater lake and the Rinjani volcano. There are over a dozen scenic islands in these highlands. Down on the coastline, find Lombok’s collection of beaches, with surfable waves, sand and Lombok’s very own Kuta Beach. Where traditions reside cultural highlights range from royal water slopes into Sasak villages, below are several most excellent things to see and do on your Lombok.

Lombok’s most popular attractions are the three Gili Islands, just northwest of the Primary island. Each has its own set of features, make it for a secluded island getaway.

About the mainland, beaches values detected include Tangsi aptly called ‘Pink Beach’. Selong Belanak, on the shore, is famous among surfers for its backdrops that were hilly. Using green hills and seas overlooking the bay to its east is your tranquil Mawun Beach. Near Novotel Lombok is currently Kuta Beach, using its bay, that’s the location for Bau Nyale festival season. Tanjung Aan, in the southeast, has mountains and two bays where you can go paragliding for birds’ eye-views. Finest Natural Attractions in Lombok Go on a trek to the highlands to the main attraction: its own Segara Anak crater lake and Mount Rinjani.

Guided treks are offered up the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. Also, the decoration view at the top is gratifying. Just north of this peak would be the lush place falls of Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile. With all pools that are possible to float into, Lombok has a beautiful collection of waterfalls. It includes the Benang Kelambu waterfall, the ‘hidden’ Jeruk Manis waterfall, and the scenic Tiu Teja ‘rainbow’ falls. Cultural Attractions in Lombok Lombok is brimming with history and culture, with such websites as the Taman Narmada water park, as a heritage of the Mataram kingdom. A historic water palace would be your Taman Mayura, right in the capital city.

Locals gather on the coast to harvest sea worms that surface around the time of the year. For handicrafts and local arts, take a look at the village of Banyumulek for pottery, Sukarara for weavings and Sade for old Sasak homes, where customs and traditions die hard. Where to Stay at Lombok though Lombok is known as more recently developed than Bali, it is possible to find a variety of hotels on the island. These vary from budget bungalow-style lodgings to five-star resorts that dot the beach hotels. You may even find city resorts providing all the essentials you will need for this extension to your Bali holiday.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.