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Where to Store Seasonal Clothing

If you’re quite the clothes shopper then you might be at risk of developing hoarding habits. It’s a lot of fun to pick up the latest styles and fashions at a low price especially if you buy your clothes out of season. However, do this for a year or two and you’ll find that your wardrobe grows out of control very quickly. To remedy this, it’s usually a good idea to get rid of out-of-season clothing and store them away.

But where exactly do you put all your clothes?

From self-storage options to simply selling them to make room, we’ve put together a couple of ideas on where you can store seasonal clothing.

Consider Vacuuming Packing

One of the best ways to store your clothes in a space-efficient manner is to consider vacuum packing. By storing your clothes in bags then sucking out all of the air with a machine, you can slim your clothes down until they’re extremely thin. This helps you store more clothes in your home so that you don’t need to sell them or renovate your home for more storage space.

Use Self Storage

If you want a safe place to archive your clothing or really want to hold on to every single piece of clothing, then a self-storage option such as https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/ is usually the best choice. This is because a self-storage option provides you with ample space, flexible options and complete customisation in how you want to store your clothes. Think of self-storage as another room in your home that you can use for storage. It can be used for a lot more than just clothes and as long as you keep up with the fees, you can use it to store pretty much anything you want.

Build a Walk-In Wardrobe

If you want to show off your seasonal clothing or just want more visual storage areas, you could consider building a large walk-in wardrobe. This is something that requires quite a bit of renovation work and may reduce the amount of living space in your home, but it does give you a massive area to see all of your clothes and store out-of-season clothing. This is fantastic for anyone that wants to see their entire collection of clothing at a glance and is great for showing off special statement pieces.

Sell Excess Clothing

If you’re accustomed to grabbing the latest fashion when they’re on sale or absolutely love thrifting for your clothing, then you’ll probably amass a huge collection of clothes in the future. You’re eventually going to reach a point where you have more clothes than you can possibly wear, even if you have an outfit for every day of the week. You can free up storage space and make a bit of money by simply selling any out-of-season clothing that you don’t plan to wear for a while. You can then use that money to refresh your wardrobe and get the latest styles and statement pieces instead.