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Why is the installation of traffic equipment an important aspect of good governance?

Traffic equipment is one of the most important asoects for providing good governance. Now you may think what dies traffic equipment has to do with governance. Well, if you read through the recent reports of the traffic department of USA then you will surely see the connection. Due to lack of traffic equipment on roads more than 30 % accidents happened only in the last year. Like for example due to open wires many cars and pedestrians got into traffic accidents in the first place. But as per the reports and recommendation of the concerned department officials has there been the ample number of cable speed bump on the roads the number of accidents would have lowered by 3%.

How can rubber wheel chocks help with the traffic congestion problem?

Now the problem is not only on the road but the whole traffic system needs new equipment. the  applies to not only governmental properties but also to private properties like parking lots, construction sites, etc. In the case of the parking lots in America, there are not many parking lots around with proper Rubber wheel chocks. Rubber chocks help to designate parking spaces for each and every car on the parking lot. Thus having good quality of wheel chocks actually helps in diluting the traffic congestion which in turn helps in reducing traffic accidents on the road. Now not only rubber chocks can be installed on parking lots but on roads also these chocks help in to reduce accident risks.

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