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Why Regular AC Maintenance is Every Homeowner’s Responsibility

Regardless of the weather, people like to turn on the AC to improve the room’s temperature. Who does not want to have a refreshing environment? Especially for people who live in a tropical country. Singaporeans know how it feels to be under the scorching sun. It is uncomfortable, and sometimes it makes you look haggard because of sweat.

Even if you have the slightest movement, you can feel the inconvenience of moving when the climate is hot. Plus, work-from-home is the typical set-up, and you must turn on the AC all day long. Due to this reason, you may need to call for an aircon servicing in Singapore to keep the AC performing well throughout your usage period.

At first, you may think it’s a waste of money because you have other bills like electricity, rent, and internet. But in the bigger picture, it can help you save because you won’t need to buy a new one. Now, continue reading the article to know why you need regular maintenance with aircon servicing.

Signs You Need AC Maintenance

Aircon chemical wash for maintenance in Singapore is indeed necessary. But first, you need to know the signs you need to call for professional technicians to administer professional services. This way, you will get the most out of the money invested in the service fee.

Here are the clear signs you need to call for AC maintenance services.

  • AC is Blowing Warm Air – The purpose of AC is to give cool air. But if it is blowing warm air, it is a clear sign of a problem with the system. The reason behind this is that the unit refrigerant levels might be low. And so it affects the AC performance. If this is the case, better look for aircon repair in Singapore to solve the problem.
  • Ac is producing Loud Noise –   When the AC creates noise, you need to check the internal system. There might be broken parts that need immediate attention. As you have early detection, you can save money by buying a new one that will cost double or triple the service fee.
  • Unpleasant Smell from the AC – If the AC reeks of an unpleasant smell, there are many possible reasons like burnt wire, mould, or accumulated dirt. It is advisable to call for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore for professional help to know the exact reasons.
  • Extremely High Electricity Bills – At the end of the month, you might see an increase in your electricity bill when the AC malfunctions. You must check the thermostat switch because it indicates the watts usage. Call for residential or commercial aircon servicing in Singapore to know the proper action.
  • AC is Malfunctioning Oftentimes – If you notice that the AC is malfunctioning, it means you need to look for professional aircon servicing in Singapore. The AC might need a replacement or a repair to improve the overall performance.
  • Water Leaks – Water leaks can be dangerous because of the slippery floor. So, it is better to look for immediate action to prevent accidents at home. Leakage can be the cause of clogged condensate drain lines. It needs professional service to reduce more damage.

If you experience these signs when using the AC, you must call for an aircon repair service in Singapore. Better continue reading the article to learn why it is worth the money and time.


Why You Should Maintain Your AC Regularly

AC is an investment, and you must maintain it to save your money in the long run. Most people assume that AC repair is unnecessary because of the expensive fee of buying a new one. However,  you can save more because you can use the AC for an extended period. Here are the reasons you should maintain your AC regularly with aircon servicing in Singapore.

  • Keeps the Unit Functioning for Longer – With regular maintenance, you can prevent damages from happening. It means you can use the AC for an extended period. You can maximise the usage of your AC and extend it for almost five years or even 10 to 20 years!
  • Saves Money – Think of maintenance as like investment and insurance. It is a preparation for the future that can prevent huge expenses. So, as you maintain your AC with Daikin aircon servicing in Singapore, you prevent yourself from buying a new one and getting more repairs that may cost you more than the original price of the AC.
  • Time-Efficient – When your AC shows sudden deterioration signs, you will cram and rush to find a professional aircon repair in Singapore. Before you find one, the AC might be too late for a complete repair.
  • Maintain a Good Performance – Maintaining a good performance can maximise your AC usage. It means you can use it for many years with productive efficiency. It can also save you from paying for experience AC servicing that may cost more than the original price.
  • Prevents You From Buying New Unit – With regular maintenance and aircon repair services, you can avoid buying new units that may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is not financially responsible. Plus, you will spend more than the allotted budget for your AC responsibilities.
  • Become Responsible Owner – Regular maintenance can also make you become a responsible owner. As you learn the importance of household and commercial aircon servicing in Singapore, you will become careful with how to handle the AC while using it. As you become more responsible, you will also learn how to manage your finances. It will help you save money and become more productive in other aspects of life.

Here are reasons why maintaining your AC is a must for every homeowner. It makes you more aware of your actions and manages to maximise your AC usage. Nonetheless, you can also become a better homeowner as you know how to value household items.

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