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Why some companies are hiring dogs as employees

Ok, so we know the title may be a little misleading, obviously companies are not hiring dogs as actual employees. Companies are, however, bringing dogs into the workforce for the benefit of the employees and the business.

We are going to look today at why companies are now bringing dogs into their businesses and the benefits they have.

Everybody Gets The Best Greeting

No matter what the current standing of office politics, you can always be sure of a fantastic greeting. A dog in the office can also massively lift the spirits of the staff as they walk into the office.

Staff are generally at their least productive during the first 30 minutes of the working day. The sight of a dog can promote a sudden release of oxytocin which can push employees into their day.

They Are Free

Given all the amazing ways your business can benefit from a dog in the office, you should also appreciate that you don’t even pay them a wage. 

Dogs will happily show up to the office every day with taking help of affordable pet care and will always be happy to do so. It is important though to let the dog know he’s doing a great job. Making sure the dog gets plenty of rewards and a great healthy lunch is the best way to show how much they are valued.

They Really Help Get The Work Done

While it’s pretty implausible for the office dog to get some photocopying or emails done, this doesn’t mean that the dog isn’t helping.

Staff members are actually more motivated and far more productive when a pet is present in the office. Dogs have amazing qualities, and they can lift staff morale so much just by being around.

They Represent

More often than not, having a dog in the office can give you an unofficial mascot. You can get custom clothing made for your dog, and you will find they will wear it with pride.

They Encourage Bonding

If there is one thing that is sure to bring people together, it’s the presence of an office dog. They are great for making people laugh and see the funny side of serious situations, and they are great for creating bonds.

From time to time, offices can form groups and cliques, something as simple as a dog in the office can unify the entire office and even allow new relationships to develop.

They Keep You Moving

One of the essential things for office workers now is remembering to get up and get moving. Exercise is undoubtedly something that falls by the wayside nowadays in offices.

The presence of a dog can encourage staff members not only to get moving around the office, but some employees also take to walking the dog on their lunch break.

As you can see, employing a dog can really have so many benefits for you and your entire workforce. In fact, you would be silly not to hire one.