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Why You Should Choose Car and Van Leasing in Singapore


Car and van leasing in Singapore is an attractive option when you need continuous access to transportation and movement. Some people (or companies) need the access because their constant travel— trains and buses can only carry you so far, and most do not accommodate special circumstances. Public transport is a blessing but does not fit every traveller’s needs.

For example, growing a business may demand transportation of raw materials. But you cannot transport these goods on public transport. You need a specialised vehicle for the job to complete your logistics process. Another example is when you are a working parent with children to take to school. When your children are too young to navigate the transportation system, you cannot rely on public transport for the first time. A car where you can readily pick up and drop off your children and then drive to work may be a necessity.

Renting Vs Buying Vehicles

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles plying Singapore’s streets. In such a small country, traffic congestion is a real issue that plagues our city-state. Limited space in the country means that too many vehicles can worsen the traffic situation in the country. If every resident of Singapore owns a private vehicle, it will only clog our roads. Even buying a second hand car in Singapore might not be in your best interests. You might want to explore vehicle renting if you fall under this category.

One has many reasons not to purchase a vehicle in Singapore, even used ones that look in great shape. The government regularly enacts measures to make it harder to own a car. You can look at the base price of a car as an example. Prices in Singapore are many times higher than in other countries. A car owner also needs to pay for licensing, registration, and certifications, which raises prices even more— when you get secondhand cars, this does not make costs disappear. Car ownership might be a distant dream for many people.

Car or automobile usage may be the only choice left for businesses too. Many companies deal with product transportation to stores and other places. Other times, they might need to transport employees to business meetings and conferences hosted in other areas. They look for private transportation methods to make the movement of large volumes of materials and goods a reality.

Why Should You Rent Your Car Instead?

If a business does not want to deal with the expensive costs of purchasing commercial vehicles, then renting an automobile is the best choice. The same goes for people who do not care to use public transport or cannot afford even the monthly payments of owning a secondhand car. Lastly, there is a huge variety of cars and other vehicles available for rent, that you might only need to use at specific times of the year. A prime mover truck in Singapore is perfect for a relocation, but otherwise, you would not take notice of the vehicle and certainly would not purchase one. The same is true for limousines you rent for weddings or prom nights.

Another great advantage of renting your automobile is that car rentals allow you to ‘try out’ the car before you proceed with your purchase. If you intend to purchase a car, there’s no better way to test how it feels than to rent the exact model you are eyeing. You can test out the vehicle, return it, and buy the car if you are satisfied with the performance.

On the other hand, car and van leasing may not be ideal because you pay the rental companies every period to use the car. They may also not have the model you are looking for because they want to focus more on models more car users want. If you want a specific car or plan to use your car in the long term, negotiating car loans for ownership may be in your best interest.

3 Tips For Renting Cars


Now that you know the various benefits and drawbacks of your vehicle purchase or rent, you can decide whether you want to own your vehicle. If you decide to take the rental route, keep in mind that you will return your vehicle to its rightful owner sometime in the future. Therefore, there are codes of conduct you should follow. Here are some things you need to do when renting cars.

1) Do not wait until the last possible moment.

Don’t wait till the last possible minute to book vehicles. If you are on a tight deadline, you may want your car by a specific date. If you wait too long to book your car, the rental company might be fully booked on the day you need them. Imagine packing for a moving day and realising that the prime mover truck in Singapore you were eyeing has been reserved for another customer.

2) At the same time, don’t rush either.

Rushing to book early can cause you to miss out on some of the best deals the business can provide. Before you settle on one car, take some time to review other car or company choices. Waiting and researching is the best way to make an informed decision.

3) Ensure that insurance and coverage are in your contract

Most car companies have policies in case of damage to their car. If an accident were to occur, the question of who would be held liable for payments is vital. You must read through the contract and determine whether you are sufficiently protected against all hazards. If not, look into the insurance or look for another company altogether.

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