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Word or PDF Format for a CV?

Word Format remains one of the most used formats for CV today. It is easy to create and most people know how to use the tool. However, what they may not know is that having a Curriculum Vitae in PDF format also has many advantages. So, CV Word or CV PDF? In what format should you send your resume? We hope that our following advices will help you make the right decision.

The Size of the CV: a Crucial Point While Sending Digital Application

A same CV in Word format will be twice larger than in PDF format. Thus, sending a Word CV by e-mail or uploading it to a website will be more complicated. On the other hand, the size of a CV in PDF format will be much lighter and easier to send. In any case, your Curriculum Vitae should never exceed 1MB. If you do not want to take any unnecessary risk, just use a CV creator in pdf on a reliable specialized website. Therefore, you will be sure of the right format and the right size for your resume.

The Compatibility of Word and PDF Formats

If you plan to send your CV to several recruiters who might use a PC or Mac, the file should always be opened and read without difficulty, regardless of the brand of computer. You certainly know that there are many different versions of Word like .doc (Word 97/2003 format) and .docx (current Word format). The PDF format poses no problem. Indeed, your PDF CV can be easily opened on Mac or from another PC. It will be compatible with all versions used by all computers. This will not necessarily be the case for a CV in Word format.

So, which of the Two Formats to Choose for your CV?

As you see, PDF format is better than Word in many levels. However, many recruiters are not yet prepared for receiving a PDF CV and will prefer a Word one. Therefore, we advise you to make a CV in each format. Thus, you can send recruiters the 2 versions of your resume by email so that they can choose according to their convenience. This will demonstrate not only that you are a good candidate, but also a very professional person. Remember that Microsoft Word software allows you to save your CV in different Word formats. It is preferable to choose Word 97/2003 and PDF format. This way, your file will have no compatibility issues.