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Yamaha R15 BS6 – Why you should buy it?

Yamaha has launched R15BS6 in India with existing new features and graphics. It has introduced with new color options like thunder grey, dark Knight and racing blue. Each and every color is very attractive and stylish look. New feature list has been updated in this new model and that has settled to be standard.

Yamaha version R15 BS6 3.0 has introduced with new updates that is really interesting and attractive to the customer. Still there are more competitive two wheelers has been launched in our country but this gives you a different figure when compared to other vehicles. Let us discuss some of the new interesting performances and features regarding Yamaha R15BS6 series.

Like other two wheelers Yamaha R15BS6 is completely introduced with new regulations and it has compensated with lack of power with small bumper when compared to Apache. Similarly its performance is very excellent with 6 speed transmission rate and it has been introduced with slipper clutch partition in this Yamaha bike. This model is introduced with complete safety for the customers drive.

This bike has been designed with telescopic front rear combo designed with disc brakes on both the ends which is attached with dual channel ABS system. The weight of the motor vehicle is 142 kg with stylish look.

New features

Yamaha R15BS6 series is designed with existing performance and features such as silent starter, easy startup technology which is designed with real time efficiency in fuel when compared to BS6 Activa 125 and Apache. This motorcycle has designed with low speed assistant with attractive LED headlamps and also you have the option of Smartphone connectivity which standard in this vehicle model.

It is really offered with dual horn setup which is an excellent Japanese brand and it is very interesting in cosmetic changes with new different color variants and black wheel style. Graphics is designed with multiple grey and blue color options which are very attractive when it remains unchanged. Racing blue variant is really interesting and gives you an excellent stylish look with all blue wheel alloys and for this model the prices also varied which gives you little bit hike when compared to other models.


When compared with other models it produces less power since its engine is updated recently. Here you have an excellent slippery clutch that offers you both midrange grunt and low power options.


The new R15BS6 has come out with new an attractive cosmetic and updated feature that gives you a decent look when compared to other models in Yamaha. Yamaha R15 series which delivers excellent performance with 10000 RPM and it delivers 18.6 PS. It is designed with an attractive dual horn setup and also stylish side stand engine which will prevent you to cut off the motorcycle when you start the vehicle with size standard which is an excellent option for customer security.

Yamaha R15BS6 series cost varies from Rs.1, 45,900 and for this model there will be slight variations for stylish racing blue color.